Herschelle Gibbs: Unraveling The Cricket Star's Personal And Professional Journey - Wife, Age, Teams, IPL, And The Infamous Match Fixing Inciden

Do you remember Herschelle Gibbs? If not, you shall be amazed to know about his professional as well as personal life. Just like other players, Gibbs stayed in the limelight. However, he was more popular than many cricketers of his time. Whether it was style or performance, Gibbs never failed to amaze his fans and experts. However, his life is filled with more ups and downs than any other player. Let’s delve deeper to get more info about this famous batsman.

Hercehelle Gibbs: Who is He?

He’s a South African player who showcased his skills for 14 years in the cricketing world. He specialised in batting and was known for his hard-hitting capabilities. Hercehelle Gibbs believed in taking the bull by the horns. He turned the face of the match in many games. There have been various scenarios when this right-handed player pulled his team from a bad slot. Whenever Gibbs would knock a fantastic inning, cricket lovers would drop their jaws in awe. Let’s dive into Herschelle Gibbs stats to get a glimpse of his class.

Hercehelle Gibbs Career

This right-handed batsman made his test debut in 1996 and served the nation for 12 years straight. Marking his appearance in 90 test matches, Gibbs amassed 6,167 runs in 154 innings. His average stands at 42.0 with a strike rate of 50.3. He scored 14 centuries and 26 fifties during his tenure.

Similarly, Herscehlle Gibbs appeared in 248 ODIs. He played 240 innings in which he scored 8,094 runs at a fantastic average of 36.1. His highest score is 175. Gibbs also played 23 T20 matches and 36 IPL games. His T20 tenure wasn’t long enough, but his ODI and test contributions are great. In 23 T20 matches, Gibbs made 400 runs, and his highest score was 90 not out. 

Hercehelle Gibbs Personal Life

Gibbs is a proud child of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gibbs. The parents are extremely happy to have raised a cricketer who served the nation for a long time. Hercehelle Gibbs married Tenielle Povel and the couple has a son named Rashard Fuller. According to reports, the former batsman is currently dating Dana Nemeth

Hercehelle Gibbs Match Fixing Controversy

Gibbs’ career was hit by a match-fixing controversy that shook the cricket world. He was implicated in the Hansie Cronje match-fixing scandal in 2000. Gibbs admitted that he accepted an offer to underperform in an ODI against India. However, he repudiated his statement later. Herschelle Gibbs was banned from cricket for six months, which tarnished his reputation to a great extent. Also, the controversy cast a shadow over his lustrous career.

Still, Gibbs managed to make a successful comeback and rebuild his legacy. People and emerging talents follow Gibbs for his cricketing skills and try to imitate his batting style to perform like him. Although years have passed by, the match-fixing controversy still haunts Gibbs which turned his life upside down during his impeccable career.

Herschelle Gibbs Slammed Six Sixes in One Over

Although Gibbs holds various records, his feat of six sixes in one over is most remembered. Herschelle Gibbs reached this record in an ODI match against the Netherlands in the 2007 World Cup. He smashed six sixes off the bowling of Van Bunge.

Herschelle Gibbs records can woo any cricket lover. However, his life is equally interesting. Whether it’s his personal life or professional pitch, the batsman has experienced many ups and downs. Even though Herschelle Gibbs has retired from international cricket, he’s still remembered for his fantastic batting, especially his six sixes in one over. While the taint of match-fixing still haunts his lustrous career, Gibbs remained a player to be cherished by young talents.

What is the name of Gibbs’ mother?
His mother’s name is Barbara Gibbs.
What is the highest score of Herschelle Gibbs in test matches?
His highest score is 228.
Who is Gibbs’ favourite player from the current cricketing pool?
The batsman is a big fan of Babar Azam and Steve Smith.