How Sunil Narine Went From Bowler To Batsman

Trinidad and Tobago cricketer Sunil Narine has established himself as a dangerous batsman. With his bowling prowess and subsequent all-rounder, he eventually switched from bowling to batting. This blog post will explore Sunil Narine century and transformation from a top bowler to a top batsman

Career As A Bowler For Sunil Narine

After making his debut for Trinidad and Tobago in 2009, Narine immediately made an impact in the Caribbean Twenty20 with 15 wickets and was consequently selected for the West Indies team in 2011, a 50 ODI wicket it’s the fastest ever. He won the Purple Cap for his impressive bowling ability in the IPL in 2013 and 2014 and his success with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) followed this trend

Many were surprised to see Sunil Narine century as well as transformation from a bowler to a batsman as he was renowned as one of the best spinners in international cricket to benefit the most from Sunil Narine's unique bowling style and spin heavy strategy. To ease the transition with former West Indies player and batting coach Desmond Haynes, Sunil Narine enrolled in a batting camp in Barbados. 

He used his position, grip and shot choice there. Narine’s coach said that although he was already a capable player, he needed to improve his consistency and strength. His training paid off during the 2016 Champions League Twenty20 tournament in India. He finished the tournament with 168 runs at a strike rate of over 200, scoring his first half-century. He has now become an integral part of the West Indies batting line-up in a few overs.

How Is The Batting Performance Of Sunil Narine?

Sunil Narine’s match quickly earned a reputation as a reliable striker and proved his worth in the middle of the order.

He has established himself as an important member of his team due to his ability to consistently get out of trouble and deliver a quick innings. Sunil Narine collected 3 half centuries and over 75 in the Indian Premier League season 2020. He scored 279 runs in 176 balls at an impressive strike rate of 159.09. He batted at a pace of 33.62, which increased his batting average.

A pinch hitter, Sunil Narine is also known for his ability to completely change the course of a game. The all-round West Indian has consistently shown the ability to perform under pressure while competing at the highest level.

Sunil Narine is undoubtedly a valuable asset to any side and has established himself as a versatile player with bat and ball.

It has been amazing to watch Sunil Narine go from bowler to batsman. Despite initial scepticism, he turned out to be remarkably competent. He showed how a successful transition goes in the opposite direction the game was for the players. 

All aspiring cricketers who want to try something new should be inspired by his success story. With determination and hard work, Sunil Narine has shown that anything is possible, and the speed with which he has been able to adapt speaks volumes about his talent

How did Sunil Narine get his start as a batsman?
To ease the transition, Sunil Narine century enrolled in a batting camp in Barbados with former West Indies batsman and coach Desmond Haynes.
Does Sunil Narine bowl spin?
An unknown spinner who once took all 10 wickets in a Test match. He has won the world cup with the West Indies. One of the toughest players to play against and he scores with incredible power.
Do the bowlers have batting ability?
A cricketer who started his career as a bowler and later found success as a batsman is one of the most unlikely scenarios. For some reason, many of these cricketers felt a weakness in their primary skills and began to hone their secondary skills.
How did Sunil Narine become a player?
To help with the transition, former West Indies player and coach Desmond Haynes and Narine enrolled in a football camp in Barbados. There he practised his stance, his grip and his shot selection.