I Have Learnt A Lot From MS Dhoni – Dwaine Pretorius

South African all-rounder Dwaine Pretorius learned from cricket legend MS Dhoni during the IPL. His time with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) taught him a lot about cricket, especially how to close matches, something Dhoni has perfected.

Nostalgic Dhoni Heroism

CSK's IPL campaign was underwhelming, but one moment reminded us of Dhoni's prowess. Dhoni showed his old magic against the Mumbai Indians on April 21. His ability to withstand pressure and finish games gracefully was on display in that encounter.

The Iconic Chase: Pretorius

Dwaine Pretorius scored 22 runs off 14 deliveries, including two spectacular boundaries against Jasprit Bumrah in the penultimate over, to help that memorable chase. Pretorius can recall many Dhoni lessons from the season.

Change the Pressure: Dhoni's Calmness

Pretorius's time with Dhoni and his serenity at the crease were key lessons. It was a revelation how Dhoni relieved himself and transferred pressure to the bowler. In death overs, Dwaine Pretorius remarked that the bowler typically faces more pressure than the batter.

Dhoni's Standards: Optimism and Self-Belief

Now Dwaine Pretorius wants to include these crucial elements into his games. His time with Dhoni has taught him to keep calm under pressure and believe any position can win a game. Pretorius, like Dhoni, wants to adopt this mindset and apply it to his performances.

Dwaine Pretorius said, "I am going to try and bring that into my game: calmness but also that self-belief that from any position, any game can be won."

CSK's Performance-Based Culture

Dwaine Pretorius praised CSK's performance-focused strategy. He stressed that the players have to plan, prepare, believe in themselves, and execute their strategies on the pitch.

Dwaine Pretorius also said that CSK sought to learn from the season's struggles to improve for the future. The franchise prioritised long-term growth and avoided a full loss in a tough season.

Dwaine Pretorius summed up CSK: "The franchise's experience was good. Everyone knows cricket doesn't always go your way. It's crucial to learn from a difficult season and improve for the future. Build for the next year or three and avoid a full loss after a terrible season."

South Africa is preparing for a five-match T20I series in India with Dwaine Pretorius. MS Dhoni's teachings will guide him as he continues his cricket career. Dwaine Pretorius’s records were shaped by sharing a dressing room with Dhoni and seeing his calm and cheerful approach.

What was MS Dhoni's best IPL performance?
MS Dhoni's famed finishing skills were on display in an IPL chase against Mumbai Indians on April 21st. His impressive performance showed his pressure-handling and game-winning skills.
What did Dwaine Pretorius do in the historic Mumbai Indians chase?
Dwaine Pretorius scored 22 runs off 14 deliveries, including two key boundaries against Jasprit Bumrah in the penultimate over, to help the thrilling chase.
What did Dwaine Pretorius learn from MS Dhoni at CSK?
MS Dhoni's serenity at the crease was one of Dwaine Pretorius’s biggest lessons. Dhoni's ability to shift pressure to the bowler pleased Pretorius and gave him a new viewpoint.
How did MS Dhoni handle the pressure?
Dwaine Pretorius said Dhoni stays calm under pressure. He said Dhoni believes in passing pressure on the bowler. Dhoni's unwavering optimism and self-confidence also influenced Pretorius.