ILT20 Gulf Giants: Dominic Drakes Rushed To Hospital After Suffering Facial Blow – Analyzing Player Safety In T20 Cricket

Only some can completely anticipate the outcome of the following delivery in cricket. On the other hand, there are many chances for athletes to get hurt in a game. Even when the players are well enough to play, there are times when they sustain sudden injuries in between the games. Sometimes, injuries are fatal, and the athlete may be unable to participate in following matches because he will need to take time off for healing. A similar terrible accident occurred with the star player Dominic Drakes.

The much-anticipated  International League T20, run by the UAE, was one of the most famous leagues ever held. The competition had already featured some intense action. Still, the match between the Gulf Giants and the Sharjah Warriors on February 6 presented a tense moment immediately following a fantastic catch in the game.

How was Dominic Drakes injured in the match between Gulf Giants and Sharjah Warriors?

Dominic Drakes, a West Indies all-arounder who competes for Gulf Giants in the International League T20, had a frightening injury on Monday during a game and was brought to the hospital immediately. Drakes appeared to be in significant discomfort after suffering a blow to the face during a catch during his team's game against Sharjah Warriors. The cricketer for the Giants had to be carried off the pitch by a stretcher and brought to the hospital.

Moeen Ali attempted a pull shot in the sixth of Sharjah Warriors' innings. However, he mistimed the ball. Carlos Brathwaite bowled a short delivery to Ali. Drakes sprinted in front of the ball as it was thrown and dove to his show to grab it. He slammed his face into the turf, his hands getting caught between his chest and the ground. Dominic Drakes made sure to hold onto the catch, but after doing so, he appeared to be in severe discomfort. Immediately following the horrible tragedy, physios were called, and Drakes was carried off the pitch on a stretcher. Then, he was carried on a stretcher into the hospital in an ambulance.

Reaction of audience and teammates

His teammate Qais Ahmed was spotted praying on the ground for Dominic Drakes's safety right after the horrible event. Cricket fans all over the world praised Qais Ahmed for his kind act.

Speaking of the game, Sharjah Warriors were bowled out for a pitiful total of 107 runs as their innings lacked impetus and frequently lost wickets. David Wiese produced a fantastic four-over session, taking a wicket while only allowing 20 runs to pass. His fans highly appreciated Dominic Drake's performance, and cricket fans worldwide prayed for his quick recovery when he was injured. 

Dominic Drake has displayed remarkable talent at a very young age. This outstanding player demonstrates how commitment to a target may bring you to the ultimate goal. He grew up in a family where playing cricket with his father was a big part of his childhood. Vasbert Drakes, his father, was a well-known cricketer in his era. Dominic Drakes has deep roots in the game of cricket in his family. He has excelled in the matches he has played for his country, and he is getting better and better with each game. He possesses all the abilities and traits necessary to become the next cricket sensation.

What was Dominic Drake's news regarding his fatal injury?
Dominic Drake's news regarding his injury came up when the player made the headlines after he sustained a terrible injury during the International League T20 game between Gulf Giants and Sharjah Warriors.
Who is Dominic Drake's wife?
Dominic Drake's wife's information is not available. This Barbadian player is yet to get married.
How was  Dominic  Drake related to Vasbert Drake?
Dominic Drakes is the son of Vasbert Drakes, a West Indies cricket player at the international level.