IND Vs WI: 5 Reasons Why Ashish Nehra Will Never Accept India's Head Coach Position - Exploring The Former Cricketer's Perspectives And Priorities

In the world of International cricket, the role of a head coach is important. Despite their enormous talent, the Men in Blue have not tasted the success of an ICC trophy for almost a decade. Their last triumph dates back to the 2013 Champions Trophy, a victory under the exemplary leadership of MS Dhoni.

The weight of expectations was high, but unfortunately, neither Rahul Dravid nor Rohit Sharma could bring home the glory. The team's recent outings, including the 2022 T20 World Cup and a defeat against Australia at the World Test Championship final at Kennington Oval, were disappointing.

A rising sentiment among cricket fans and experts is the need for a change in leadership. Many are looking at Ashish Nehra to take up the challenge. Here are five reasons why Ashish Nehra might never take the responsibility of being India's head coach.

The Burden of Anticipation

There's a looming concern as Rahul Dravid's tenure as the coach might end post-ODI World Cup 2023. Suppose IndiAe in the coaching staff might be imminent. If India doesn't win, the head will face an enormous challenge – securing an ICC trophy after a long drought. With previous near-misses in major tournaments like the 2015 ODI World Cup semifinals, 2016 T20 final, and more, the pressure is on.

The Rise of Franchise Cricket

Ashish Nehra's credentials are impressive. As the leader of the Gujarat Titans, he led them to two successive IPL finals. Players like Mohit Sharma and Sai Sudarshan credit their IPL success to Nehra. With global T20 leagues sprouting, Nehra might be inclined to refine his coaching skills on a diverse international platform.

The Challenge of Team Building

Ashish Nehra would face a formidable task. With many Indian cricket biggies nearing their careers after the ODI World Cup 2023, a new team would need to be sculpted. It will be demanding to manage the transition, especially with legends like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and others nearing their twilight years.

Nehra's Bowling-centric Coaching Approach

Historically, India has been a batting powerhouse, producing legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, and Virat Kohli. However, with his rich bowling background, Nehra leans towards a bowling-first strategy. His successful bowling approach with Gujarat Titans, especially in 2022 and 2023, might not resonate well with India's batting legends.

Family Commitments

Coaching a renowned team like India is gruelling. With non-stop cricket throughout the year, it significantly curtails family time. Known to be a family man, Ashish Nehra, who faced numerous injuries and surgeries during his playing days, might be reluctant to dive into such an intense role.

The role of a head coach in cricket is important, and many believe Ashish Nehra could be the one to lead India to an ICC trophy victory after a long wait. However, he might not choose to coach India due the reasons mentioned in this article. Additionally, he may consider his family commitments and the pressure of being the head coach of India. 

How many surgeries did Ashish Nehra undergo?
Nehra's resilience is legendary. Despite undergoing 12 major surgeries, his passion for the game remained unwavering.
When was Ashish Nehra's debut?
Ashish Nehra graced the international cricket stage in 1999, debuting against Sri Lanka in the Asian Test Championship.
What is the fastest ball Ashish Nehra bowled?
His remarkable feat was often touching the 90 MPH mark during the 2003 Cricket World Cup against Zimbabwe, where he clocked 149.7 KMPH.