India’s Stuart Binny And Ravindra Jadeja Grab A Moment In The Limelight

In Bangalore, people might recall this as Stuart Binny's debut match, as he stayed calm and saved the game when India struggled on the last day. 

Not just the seasoned players but the higher-ups in England's cricket administration are frustrated with the quality of the pitches they come across.

England's Team Players

There were a few interesting bits of the Test, such as the sudden batting collapses and the last-wicket partnerships. The all-rounder players had a significant role. Besides that, Anderson's batting skills and the centuries by Murali Vijay and Joe Root added to the interesting bits.

However, some debate that these players should only survive at a lower level as the five-day game is for experts.

India's Team Players

Although, things were different. Talented players came under the spotlight. On the last day, for India, Stuart Binny, Ravindra Jadeja, and Bhuvneshwar Kumar were there. Kumar surprised everyone with his second half-century in the match. 

On the other hand, Jadeja, well-known for first-class cricket, was stumbling in Tests. Jadeja has yet to move forward 43 in 13 Test innings. He played an outstanding knock and did not score a run before his 38th delivery. Then, when he ultimately opened his account, it was through a charge down the pitch to Anderson. However, in two hours, his 31 runs were quite significant.

Although, people wondered why India didn't bring in Ravi Ashwin, an expert bowler. It is interesting to note that India copied England's four-seamers lineup and a spinning batsman. 

As Per The Critics

Due to the pitches, England was worried since their fast bowlers hadn't been effective, and they considered a spin option like Simon Kerrigan.

However, India wasn't as concerned about Kerrigan as England was about Ashwin.

Compared to Jadeja's zero, Moeen Ali got four wickets at the Trent Bridge. The critics say that Ali can learn from Jadeja's practice, as his off-break spin delivers, but it should be more centred on containment like Jadeja.

People said that Jadeja doesn't fly the ball, but he aims to stop the batsmen and remain on. Ali should also focus on being firm and reliable, and then he would get more opportunities to bowl.

Both the Indian and England teams have their own strengths and weaknesses during the Test match. Indian players like Stuart Binny and Rahul Jadeja showcased their potential with outstanding performances, while the England team had more experience in Test matches.

What is the main role of the all-rounders in the England Team? 
The players in the England Team had a significant role in the Test. They provided stability to the team with their batting and bowling skills, which proved invaluable in times of need. 
How did Bhuvneshwar Kumar surprise everyone in the India Team?
Bhuvneshwar Kumar surprised everyone with his second half-century in the match. He displayed his batting skills and scored a significant 31 runs in two hours. 
How can Moeen Ali learn from Ravindra Jadeja's practice? 
Moeen Ali should focus on being firm and reliable, like Ravindra Jadeja, and aim to stop the batsmen and remain on. His off-break spin deliveries should focus more on containment, as this is what has worked for Jadeja.