Inspiring Journey Of T Natrajan From Streets To The Pitch

Thangarasu Natarajan's sharp yorkers both in the Indian Premier League and international tournaments, have made the previously obscure town of Chinnappampatti in Tamil Nadu prominent on the maps. He takes an overnight train to Salem, the nearest town, to reach this village, which is about 375 kilometres from Chennai. He then takes a bus to Five Roads Junction, where he takes a taxi to Omalur Bus Stand. 

Thangarasu Natarajan did not even set foot on a proper cricket field until he was 20 years old; his cricket career began with nothing more complicated than a tennis ball. The 25-year-old fast bowler is heavily relied upon by Tamil Nadu as they prepare to play Baroda in the Ranji Trophy.

T Natarajan's Remarkable Journey

Thangarasu Natarajan grew up in the quiet village of Chinnappampatti, located 36 km from Salem. His upbringing was characterised by financial hardship. His mother ran a small roadside food business while his father worked as a daily wage labourer in a saree factory. As the eldest of five children, including a brother and three sisters, Natarajan carried a heavy burden.

With his quick pace and deft left-arm angle, the 25-year-old Natarajan stands out as Tamil Nadu's most promising bowling prospect at the moment. Natarajan is in a position to bear the brunt of the bowling expectations as anticipation grows for Tamil Nadu's Ranji clash against Baroda.

The journey of Natarajan is nothing short of miraculous. Up until Thangarasu Natarajan’s age was 20, he was only allowed to play with a tennis ball. He never represented his high school or college in cricket or set foot on a cricket field. Natarajan made rapid progress. He competed for Vijay Cricket Club in the First Division during the 2012–13 season before joining Jolly Rovers a year later.

Thangarasu Natarajan's sister Tamilarasi eagerly awaits his call from Australia to congratulate him on his extraordinary achievements. She credits his brother's success to Jayaprakash, who recognised Natarajan's talent and offered direction. After starting his career in Ranji tournaments, Natarajan earned a place in the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL). His notoriety rose after he took a wicket in a super over, which attracted much attention.

Describing her brother's talent, Tamilarasi said, "Yorkers are my brother's strength, and he has gained quick fame bowling for Hyderabad Sunrisers in this IPL season." She is so filled with joy knowing that her brother's journey will one day inspire countless people. She said,  “He is a standing example that hard work never fails”.

A Glimpse from Natarajan’s Childhood

Natarajan used to leave school during lunch to buy meat for his mother's shop, bring it home, and then quickly return. During the holidays, he worked various odd jobs to help his struggling family pay the bills. He describes working in steel mills, construction sites and brick kilns while his brother Shakthi worked in supermarkets. Natarajan is setting up a grocery store in Chinnappampatti so his brother Shakthi can have his own company.

Chinnappampatti Cricket Club owner A Jayaprakash was quite impressed with Natarajan's speed and accuracy in bowling yorkers. He convinced Natarajan's family to give him the space and time he needed to focus on his cricket career.

Natarajan is now setting up his cricket ground at Chinnappampatti, in front of the Periyandichi temple. According to his uncle Ganesh, who is heavily responsible for the project, it would probably take about six months to complete. Under Thangarasu Natarajan's ambitious plan, his institution would be converted into a residential facility similar to the MRF Pace Foundation in Chennai.

Who is Thangarasu Natarajan's father?
S. Thangarasu is Thangarasu Natarajan's father. Natarajan's father was employed as a weaver operating a loom while his mother managed a fast food stall. 
What is Thangarasu Natarajan's net worth?
A rising cricketing sensation, T Natarajan rose to fame with his impressive net worth of Rs. 14 crores as of 2022.