Interesting Facts About Babar Azam

There are only a few cricketers in the world who possess the natural talent to dazzle fans with their dexterous skills and excellent displays. One such name is Babur Azam, the Pakistani cricketer who rose to stardom, and his journey has inspired youth all around the world. He is also renowned for his amazing stroke play and shrewd captaincy. Therefore, there is no doubt that he is among the most beloved cricketers of all time. In this blog, we will explore the top fascinating facts about this cricketer that helped him rise to fame. 

Facts About Babur Azam
Cricket Roots

Babur Azam, from a  very young age, had admired cricket. He used to see his uncles passionately playing cricket, and this is what made him more attracted to the game. He started in the narrow streets of Lahore and went on to become the captain of the Pakistan cricket team. It was expected that Babur would succeed, as he came from a family that held a great devotion for cricket. 

Fastest To Multiple Milestones 

The statistics of Babur Azam in cricket speak loudly about his exceptional skills and dependability. He has achieved many milestones and has sometimes become the fastest cricketer to reach those milestones. In January 2018 and 2019, he became the fastest cricketer to reach 1000 and 200 runs in T20Is, respectively. Also in ODIs, he became the fastest player to score 100, 200, and 3000 runs, surpassing many legendary cricketers. 

He recently also became the fastest player to reach 500 runs in just 97 innings, breaking the record of famous South African cricketer Amla. 

The Role of Captain

Babr Azam was given the responsibility of captain in 2019 as a result of recognition of his abilities to take new initiatives. Under his leadership, the Pakistan team flourished and performed better, while his own batting prowess kept rising. 

As a result of his achievements in T20I cricket, Babur was also appointed Pakistan’s test team captain in 2020. His career reached its peak with the decision to name him captain for all three formats.  When it came to using his leadership abilities, he did so with ease, guiding the group with a steady hand.

A Humble Demeanor 

While he is known for his exceptional batting skills and raging attitude, what you might not know about him is his humble demeanour. He is among the most grounded people, which is the major reason for his early success. He gently regards all his contemporaries, whether they are teammates or rivals. This has made him win the hearts of cricket players as well as fans all over the world. His journey teaches us that with complete dedication and hard work, one can conquer the highest peaks. 

Babar Azam's cricket career has been an inspiring  story of talent, tenacity, and leadership. There is no doubt that a modern cricket icon is emerging as he continues to attract  cricket fans with his creativity. Babar Azam is a bright example of everything that cricket stands for: passion, talent, and the spirit of sportsmanship. This is true both of his accomplishments on the pitch and of his demeanour off it.


Does Babur Azam have any cricket family connections?

Yes, Babur Azam's uncle, Akram Azan, played cricket at the domestic level in Pakistan. 
What is Babar Azam's highest T20I score?
Babar Azam has played 103 T20I matches and scored 3372 runs in 98 innings, and he has the highest score of 122 runs in his T20 matches till now. 
How many centuries has Babar Azam scored in all formats?
Babur Azam has scored 30 centuries in all formats. This includes 18 in ODI matches, 9 in Test matches, and 3 in T20I matches.