Introducing Our Woman Of Worth: Ellyse Perry

In 2021, "Because I'm Worth It" will have been used by L'Oréal Paris for 50 years; these four words have become a symbol of confidence and self-love. We welcome Ellyse Perry, an Australian cricketing great and the 2020 ICC Cricketer of the Decade, to our Women of Worth team. 

Ellyse has overcome every challenge she has faced thanks to her innovative training approach and dedication to learning about high-performance training in other sports. We are incredibly honoured to work with Ellyse Perry, whose meteoric rise from football player to global ambassador for women's cricket has been extraordinary.

Ellyse Perry is the most known name not only in the cricket world but also in many fields. She is the most talented and ambitious woman, inspiring others through her unbelievable talents and through her thoughts and hard work.

About Ellyse

Ellyse Perry, arguably Australia's best athlete, is the only person to have competed for Australia in the World Cups of cricket and football. Ellyse is one of the few Australians to have represented her country in two different sports and the only person to have played for Australia in the cricket and football World Cups. She is also the youngest male or female cricketer ever to play for Australia. 

Now the best female all-rounder in the world, the modest Ellyse has won Australia's Women's International Cricketer of the Year (Belinda Clark Award) three times (2016, 2018, and 2020) and the ICC Women's Cricketer of the Year award twice (2017). Even though Australia has produced several notable athletes, Ellyse has been dubbed "arguably the best athlete in Australia" by Cricket Australia. 

Ellyse Perry has come a long way off the pitch, but she still has a ways to go. She is an ambassador for the McGrath Foundation, an Australian organisation that works to prevent and treat breast cancer. Ellyse's first nonfiction book, Perspective, was published in November 2019 and is a collection of personal stories and introspective musings on the importance of dreaming big, believing in oneself, working hard, overcoming adversity, accepting help when needed, striking a balance, and persevering through difficult times. 

Ellyse on Self-Worth

"Believe in yourself and have confidence in what you do; that's the message of L'Oréal Paris's timeless slogan, which rings truer than ever in 2021. My sense of self-worth is something I've worked on developing through time. In my opinion, it just comes with time and maturity. I am pleased with myself because I know I earned my success.”

These are the words of Ellyse Perry. She is truly a hard-working woman and inspires the youth to do hard work and earn respect as well as become independent. As an athlete, she took the responsibility of captaincy, performed well, and helped and inspired her team. Ellyse Perry’s images with her team on the internet are proof that she always supports her team in difficult situations.

As the L'Oréal Paris Woman of Worth, Ellyse Perry excels both on and off the pitch. Her hard work, dedication and determination from a young age are testament to the fact that she is one of the best players that Australia has ever produced. Moreover, she is an inspiration to thousands of woman cricketers around the world. 

Is Ellyse Perry still playing cricket?
Perry insisted that cricket was still her first love and that she had no intention of giving up her legendary career. Even at the young age of 32, she has already accomplished so much in her profession. In future also, you will see your favourite cricketer on the ground.
Why is Ellyse Perry famous?
Ellyse Perry has a lot of firsts to her name. At 16, she became Australia's youngest national cricket player. The first Australian athlete in history to score a century in an Ashes series and a goal in a football World Cup, she became a prodigy and a well-rounded all-star.
What is the fastest ball bowled by Ellyse Perry in Women's cricket?
Ellyse Perry bowled a ball to Sophie Ecclestone at a speed of 130/5 kmph, in the match against UPW(UP Warriors), breaking Shannon Ismail's record for the fastest ball in women's T-20 cricket.