IPL 2022: It Wasn't In My Control That I Wasn't Picked At Auction, Says Rajat Patidar

Rajat Patidar is now one of the most renowned names in Indian cricket. He is a right-handed batsman who represents India internationally and plays for Madhya Pradesh domestically.

He recently debuted in the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2021. He was auctioned and is retained by the Royal Challengers Bangalore for about INR 20 Lakhs. This came as a surprise to him because he was left unsold for about 2 previous editions. He had made his debut against Mumbai Indians but couldn't leave a mark as he got out as early as 8 runs.

Rajat Patidar’s Early Cricket Career

Patidar’s cricket career was kick-started by matches he played at the junior level. His performance at the Under-19 and Under-22 levels was awe-inspiring. However, he dealt with problems in his way. During his cricket practices, he got an ACL Knee injury. This led him to be bed-stricken for 8 months. After the injury, his family wanted him to leave cricket in the past and join the business. However, he somehow managed to convince them and restarted his practice. He was then kept under the coaching of Amay Khurasiya, who is a Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association Coach (MPCA).

His domestic debut as a cricketer was against Baroda, and he kickstarted it with a half-and-full century in the first two innings of his career. He started his journey as an A-list career scoring a fifty as an opener. Of his matches, scoring 53 off 40 balls took him to play towards the Madhya Pradesh T20 side.  With many such tournaments and lineages of wins and losses, he was finally included in the India Blue Team in the 2019-20 season of the Duleep Trophy. For the Ranji Trophy, he scored 713 runs which got him a lot of visibility.

Rajat Patidar’s Impact on IPL

Rajat Patidar has made an everlasting mark on the IPL with his effective batting style. However, he was ignored at the Auction due to his injury replacement. But, He never cared about the things he couldn't control as he was busy after the 2021 IPL playing for his club. He also says that dot balls are his real strength, and he can make up for dots in his unique style. He was launched into Krunal Pandya, which gave him confidence about the last over of the powerplay.

He also added to his thoughts that he remains focused. He says that when he plays, he concentrates on his play and its execution. With this strategy, his wicket went well, and he played well. He doesn't blame himself for not being selected for the IPL 2021 and is neutrally affected by this situation. 

IPL has players from all over the world that use different ways to make a difference. So a batsman should be ready to face any balling and be thorough with his batting position order. He has played at the opening position, third and seventh, showing immense versatility. He is an anchor to the team by being consistent with the bat. However, he can also be called upon for powerful hitting.  

This information about Rajat Patidar tells us about his approach towards failures. The cricketing career of Patidar has been a roller coaster ride. He dealt with his share of negativity and positive fame equally. Considering the Rajat Patidar stats, he has also kept the head of Indian cricket high. Every cricketer has their difficulties in making a name for themselves. However, what’s most important is that the cricketer should not give up on their passion and continue following it. Despite parental pressure, Patidar stuck to his dream and made sure to fulfil it. Nothing comes for free in life, and Rajat Patidar is a great example of the same.