Ipl 2023: Conway's Batting Style Is Very Similar To Michael Hussey,

In the most recent IPL of 2023, there were many exciting and disappointing matches altogether. Fans had a roller coaster ride throughout the journey of 74 matches. One such match between the Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore was in discussions to a great extent. In this match, Chennai Super Kings won by a margin of 8 runs. Devon Conway, the New Zealand cricket player, was highly praised for his contribution towards the game.

Similarity with Michael Hussey 

During this match on April 18, 2023, many spectators noticed the game awareness of Devon Conway. Out of them, Irfan Pathan drew the similarities of his gameplay with Michael Hussy. The former Indian all-rounder, who is now a commentator, praised Conway for his impressive performance. 

Hussey was a former CSK player and has helped the team to write many victories in its name. He helped to bag the yellow brigade win in the years 2010 and 2011. Hussey, originally from Australia, is now the Batting coach of Chennai Super Kings. 

Irfan mentioned that Devon Conway's batting style closely resembled that of Michael Hussey. He added that once Conway began scoring runs, he exhibited an unyielding momentum. Irfan also pointed out Conway's expertise in capitalising on Faf du Plessis' alterations in fielding positions, effectively finding gaps to play his shots during the match.

Here he praises Conway's consistent hitting on the field and making runs diligently. He is known for adjusting to changing environments and always finding the best way out of it. He is agile and makes sure to change his strategies with the gameplay efficiently. For example, in the same match on April 18, even after changes in fielding positions by the opposition, he made the most out of it by playing in the gaps. 

Devon Conway’s Batting Style 

In the nail-biting encounter during IPL 2023, Devon Conway showcased his masterful batting prowess, mirroring the legendary Michael Hussey's style, as he blazed his way to an impressive 83 runs off 45 balls for CSK. His exceptional innings set the stage for a challenging target for the opposition. The game intensified when CSK's bowlers exhibited their brilliance, skillfully outsmarting the batters and keeping their composure under pressure. In particular, they managed to rein in the explosive Glenn Maxwell, limiting him to 76 runs off 36 balls. Faf Du Plessis, another key threat, was also contained, scoring just 62 runs off 33 balls, leading to a thrilling victory for CSK in this high-stakes encounter.

Impact of M.S Dhoni 

This match between CSK and RCB was full of thrill and kept the fans stuck to their screens. This high adrenaline match was counterbalanced by the calming effect of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Dhoni is often credited for his balancing effect on the team and the matches.

Another spectator, Sunil Gavaskar, the former Indian legend, acknowledged the difference Dhoni makes on the field. He said that the team members look up to MS Dhoni and believe in him. He stays agile and is not rigid in his game plans. He does make sure to correct his team when they miss out on performing well, but they don’t put them under pressure. His relationship with Devon Conway was no different. Gavaskar even found this elderly balanced presence of Dhoni on the field as the reason for the impressive performance of his team.  

Looking at Devon Conway's stats, he is an asset to whichever team he plays in and the game of cricket as a whole. He is a major reason for CSK to manage its game in crunch situations and work out towards the win. His similarity with Michael Hussey is correctly made due to the similarity in their batting styles. Under the guidance of the coaches and supportive team members, Conway’s performance will only get better with time.