IPL 2023: Mahipal Lomror’s Dream Come True

Any athlete would be ecstatic to get the chance to play for a team with so many supporters. Mahipal Lomror, a promising all-rounder's selection by the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2022 mega auction, is one of the proud.

Lomror expressed his delight at learning he would play for RCB on the most recent episode of RCB Bold Diaries.

Mahipal Lomror was hoping for more out of the auction than he got. The two-three tests he had performed for went swimmingly. He was sure he would get picked up by a club because he had done well in the 4-5 opportunities he had gotten in previous IPL seasons. 

The 23-year-old has scored 133 runs in 9 innings in this season's league, and he recently recorded his first IPL 50 with a courageous hit. Mahipal Lomror ipl records have been amazing so far. 

Lomror talks about scoring 54 runs in one inning

What is Mahipal Lomror latest news? Before that match, I had not scored much, so I wanted to add something to the squad and help them win," Lomror said of his 54-run undefeated innings. After we lost two wickets in two balls, I decided to seize the opportunity without worrying about the outcome.

Coach and buddy Chandan Choudhary dove into Lomror's extraordinary commitment to the game.

Last year in 2022, when the IPL season concluded, he flew back to his hometown at around 6 or 7 a.m.; by 10 a.m he was back on the ground. His coach suggested that he should take a break, but Mahipal insisted he needed to work harder. He has played in the previous IPL seasons for around that long, but this season, we get to see a new side to Mahipal Lomror. 

The skilled player's parents also appeared on the broadcast, sharing their pride in their son's achievements and admitting that they rarely see Mahipal Lomror play because his mother is always in the Pooja room.

Mahipal Lomror IPL Career

Mahipal Lomror has been one of the Rajasthan Royals' most consistent late-order hitters over the past few seasons. His recent results on the domestic circuit have been fairly hot, with scores like 69, 55, 46, 85, and 101 piquing the curiosity of many bidders.

The Challengers had to go to great lengths to get the young man's services, but they were able to win him over in the end. The Royal Challengers Bangalore paid Rs 95 lakh to acquire his services.

Born November 16, 1999, Mahipal Lomror is a professional cricketer for the Indian teams Rajasthan and Royal Challengers Bangalore. He can bowl slow left-arm orthodox and bat left-handed, making him a versatile player. 

What is the price of Mahipal Lomror?
The Royal Challengers Bangalore will pay Mahipal Lomror INR 95 Lakhs for his services in IPL 2023. In 2021, he was officially added to the cast.
Which state is Mahipal from?
Mahipal Lomror rose to prominence after shining for India's Under 19 squad. He was born and raised in Rajasthan.
What is the age of Mahipal Lomror?
Born November 16, 1999, Mahipal Lomror is a professional cricketer for the Indian teams Rajasthan and Royal Challengers Bangalore.