IPL Unheard Stories: Tim David

Australian cricketer Tim David was born in Singapore. He currently plays Twenty20 cricket for several franchises across the world and represents the Singapore national team. Here, for the first time, is Tim David's untold tale.

Tim Hays entered the world on March 16, 1996. He was born in Singapore but now calls Australia home. He currently plays Twenty20 cricket for several franchises across the world and represents the Singapore national team. His first cricket match for his country was in July 2019. He bowls off-spin with his right arm and bats with his right hand. He stands at an impressive 196 centimetres.

He has a reputation for making tremendous hits. His breakout performance came in the 2016–17 season, when he led Western Australia to victory over South Australia with 137 runs at the WACA in Perth. His hometown in Western Australia was Claremont-Nedlands. 

The world's best bowling attacks had little chance against Tim David's achievements. Against the English touring teams, he had a perfect scorecard of 37 and 55. In 2018, at the WACA, he assisted the Perth Scorchers of the Big Bash franchise to complete their best-run chase in franchise history. He was awarded a rookie contract with the state for the 2018-19 season, but a foot injury kept him off the court. 

He was frustrated by his injury, especially after being recognized for his efforts. Later that year, he debuted for the Singapore national team, where he had already shown off his attacking prowess. 

His squad narrowly failed to make it to the World Cup. Tim kept showing off his skills to the world and didn't show any mercy to the other bowlers. He began his Big Bash career with the Perth Scorchers in season 9, and in season 10, he was enticed by the Hobart Hurricanes club to strengthen their middle order.

Tim David’s T20 Cricket Career

Though he may be tempted to follow in David Warner's footsteps and try his hand at longer-form cricket in the future, David is satisfied to keep doing what he's been doing so far. He once remarked on how much he enjoys exercising and how much fun he is having. While constantly striving to grow, he maintains a high level of empathy and compassion while learning new abilities and honing those he already possesses.

With a strike rate of 158.52 and a total of 50 fours and 26 sixes, he amassed 558 runs in 14 innings during his T20 international career. He has a maximum of 92 points. With a strike rate of 159.36 and a total of 142 fours and 115 sixes, he amassed 1965 runs in just 83 innings during his T20 franchise career. The data disproves his claims. 

It's insane how many sixes he hits. So far in his franchise career, he has struck sixes and taken eight wickets. 

He hit 69 fours and 28 sixes in his 123.14 strike rate across 14 innings in List A, scoring 745 runs. In this format, he took 9 wickets.

There has been no evidence of his usual explosive batting so far this season. Indians in Mumbai are expecting one very soon.

It's too soon to say whether David is a trailblazer or an outlier, but his achievements have inspired those on the periphery who are fighting for a shot at a professional cricket career. In contrast to Hobson, who has never played first-class cricket and works as an accountant by day. This time, Tim did things his way. David's career path remains open at this point, but he has already shown it to be an interesting case study. Without ever having played first-class cricket, he may be the first cricketer in the world to earn a significant salary from his sport.