Is Stuart Binny A Test Allrounder

Stuart Binny was added to the India Test team by captain Virat Kohli, as he wanted two spinners and five bowlers in his starting line-up.

Binny is considered to be a top-notch cricketer. However, there are speculations if he is a Test Cricketer or not.

Stuart Binny's Records & Role In The Test Side

Stuart Binny's test scores: he bats at number six and fills the spot of the third seamer. Although he is a top-six batsman, people expect Stuart Binny to record centuries, including chipping in with significant wickets. On the other hand, Binny is doing neither. 

The critics say he will do a fair job in T20 and one-day cricket and that Stuart Binny is an enthusiastic cricketer.

The 'All-rounder' Confusion

Many times, teams get mistaken regarding the term 'all-rounder' and end up pushing a player to the side because he can bowl and bat, and often they realise this mistake after it has cost them.

For instance, Glenn Maxwell: Australia tried to convert him into a Test cricketer and selected him for three test matches. In the end, this did not go well because Maxwell scored 13 with the bat and took only seven wickets.

Maintaining Quality

When it comes to a batsman or bowler, International Teams should maintain quality instead of going with someone who'd just fill both roles.

India's Stuart Binny is an example of this. With a Test average of almost 50, Cheteshwar Pujara is regarded as the reserve batsman, but Stuart Binny plays forward him.

How To Win Test Matches?

As per the critics, if teams want to succeed Test matches, then it would be most reasonable to adhere to Six batsman, a wicketkeeper, and four best wicket-taking bowlers.

Stuart Binny's Latest News

According to the media reports, Stuart Binny's latest news is that he has stepped into coaching. Binny is looking forward to training all-rounders and seam bowlers. 

He is currently doing his Level 2 at the National Cricket Academy.

T20 is quickly becoming more famous every day, and many players still provide double roles on sides. Therefore, Test teams will move on to test with players like Stuart Binny and Glenn Maxwell, hoping to discover Ian Botham in the picking process.

Teams should avoid converting someone into a world-beater when they are indeed not. It is a complicated mistake that later costs a lot.

What is Stuart Binny currently doing?
In August 2021, Binny retired from all formats of cricket. According to media reports, the former Indian cricketer is entering into coaching and training all-rounders and seam bowlers.
What was Stuart Binny's role in Test Match?
Stuart Binny's role in the Test Match was: a batsman in the lower middle order and a medium-paced swing and seam bowler.
What is the difference between an all-rounder and a Test Cricketer?
All-rounder is a cricketer skilled in bowling and batting. On the other hand, a Test cricketer is a player who has played in a Test match, the longest form of cricket, played between national teams over five days.