Ish Sodhi - Unveiling The Net Worth Of New Zealand's Talented Leg-Spin Bowler

Ish Sodhi, hailing from New Zealand, was born on the 31st of October in 1992. He has made a name for himself as a professional cricketer, specialising as a right-arm leg-spinner. His career path is quite remarkable, considering that when he made his Test debut for the New Zealand national team against Bangladesh in October 2013, he had not even completed a full season of first-class domestic cricket. Remarkably, he was just 20 years old at the time.

Just like many young talents, Ish Sodhi’s career has been full of trials and tribulations. Yet, his unwavering dedication to the game has shone through as he has showcased his resolve in domestic cricket. 

His endurance paid off after receiving the opportunity to make his T20I debut against West Indies in July 2014. However, it was in August 2015 that he donned the New Zealand ODI jersey for the first time.

The Journey Continues

Ish Sodhi showcased his abilities in white-ball cricket at the domestic level and finally earned his debut in T20 Internationals against the West Indies in July 2014. 

However, it took another year for the leg-spinner to make his mark in One Day Internationals (ODIs) when he participated in his first ODI game against Zimbabwe in August 2015.

Now, let’s delve into Ish Sodhi's net worth, endorsements, and lifestyle.

Ish Sodhi's Net Worth

As of August 2023, Ish Sodhi’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million (Approximately Rs. 24 crores). 

Ish Sodhi presently holds a central contract with the New Zealand Cricket Board. In addition to his regular salary of £49,000 per year and match fees, a significant portion of Ish's income stems from his involvement in brand endorsements. Furthermore, he extends his expertise to various T20 leagues worldwide. 

Ish Sodhi IPL Journey

The lanky leg-spinner represented the Rajasthan Royals during the 2018 IPL season. Ish Sodhi subsequently reconnected with the Royals, but this time in a managerial capacity, during the IPL 2021 edition. Unfortunately, in the IPL 2022 auction, he failed to secure a bid from any team.

Brand Endorsements

While Ish Sodhi may not have a plethora of brand endorsements, he proudly represents the renowned sports brand, New Balance. His association with this global sports giant is a testament to his influence in the cricketing world.

Ish Sodhi's Lifestyle

Intriguingly, there is limited information available about Sodhi's car collection. However, it is widely known that he possesses a luxury SUV, although the specific brand remains a mystery.

On the home front, the leg-spinner resides in a lavish house in Papatoetoe, New Zealand, along with his family. While the exact value of this property is undisclosed, it undoubtedly reflects his hard-earned success in the world of cricket.

Ish Sodhi's journey from a young, inexperienced cricketer to a vital player in New Zealand's cricket set-up is a story that resonates with the spirit of perseverance. Ish Sodhi's net worth, derived from a combination of cricketing income, brand endorsements, and global T20 leagues, highlights his success in the sport.

Ish Sodhi's journey is far from over, and cricket fans eagerly await the chapters yet to be written in his career.

How did Ish Sodhi's cricket career begin?
Ish Sodhi's career began with his Test debut for New Zealand against Bangladesh in October 2013, even before completing a full first-class season in domestic cricket.
What is Ish Sodhi's estimated net worth?
Ish Sodhi's net worth as of 2022 is approximately $3 million or Rs. 24 crores. 
Does Ish Sodhi have any significant brand endorsements?
Ish Sodhi represents the sports brand New Balance. He doesn't have many other brand endorsements.
Which cricket team did Ish Sodhi play for in the IPL?
Ish Sodhi represented the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2018 and returned to the team in a managerial role in 2021.
Where does Ish Sodhi live, and what is known about his house?
Ish Sodhi resides in a luxury house in Papatoetoe, New Zealand, but the exact value of the property is undisclosed, and limited information is available about it.