Jofra Archer Set For A Bumper Deal: MI Offers Year-Round Contract Worth Rs 10 Crore

If the agreement is finalised, the Mumbai Indians must grant England's cricket team permission before using Archer in a match.

Jofra Archer Triggers International Duty Debate

As the Mumbai Indians try to implement the year-round policy, star player Jofra Archer is expected to sign a massive deal worth Rs 10 crore. The most recent reports on Thursday suggest that MI will pay a sizeable sum before the England Cricket Board (ECB) asks permission from the team to assign him to international duties. The winner of the 2019 World Cup recently left the MI camp due to an elbow problem and will continue his recovery in England.

According to a report published by The Daily Mail, Jofra Archer will be given a year-round contract, and the ECB will have to ask MI for authorisation before using him for international services. If the rumour is accurate, the player will make Rs 10 crore despite leading the five-time champions through an injury-plagued season.

ECB Weighs Multi-Year Deals for English IPL Stars

The agreement may force the English Cricket Board (ECB) to offer multi-year contracts to English players to pique their interest in contrast to the lucrative contracts offered by the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Another player whose contract with the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) could be extended year-round is Alex Hales. Hales withdrew from the franchise this season despite being an integral part of the team's furniture.

For Archer, the ODI World Cup still stands as the player's top priority, but he is concentrating on giving it his all to make the Ashes squad.

Jofra Archer's Injury Spurs Chris Jordan's Call-Up

Jofra Archer has been healing from surgery on his right elbow, according to an ECB statement.

However, it has been difficult to play through the discomfort recently in the hopes that it will go away. To give him the best chance for a full recovery, it has been decided for him to return to the UK for a period of rest and therapy, the statement continued.

The injured England player has been replaced by Chris Jordan, who has already joined the team's setup as the season's final stretch gets underway.'

Mumbai Indians Mull Year-Round Deal for Jofra Archer

Jofra Archer's IPL tenure isn't over, but that doesn't mean he's no longer in the record-breaking IPL winners' plans. 

By the terms of the contract, the England cricket team must obtain Mumbai Indians' approval before using Archer's services internationally. Notably, MI has five franchises in various leagues, one of which is in the WPL. Archer plays for the MI-owned team in SA20 in addition to the IPL. If he signs the contract, he might represent Mumbai Indians in all four leagues.

Even though there hasn't been an official announcement yet, only time will tell if Archer actually signs the contract. He had an elbow issue while in the IPL and had to return home. He has overcome his elbow problem and has returned to England for rehabilitation before The Ashes. For INR 8 crore, the Mumbai-based franchise signed him up for the IPL 2022, but he could not participate. Archer only appeared in five games before going home in the cash-rich league's 2023 season.

Mumbai Indians are prepared to extend a lucrative Rs 10 crore contract to Jofra Archer, demonstrating their dedication to an all-year strategy. Archer might need the ECB's approval to participate in international duties in this action. Archer might represent Mumbai Indians across several leagues under his potential contract despite his recent elbow injury. Although an official confirmation is unavailable, this development shows that the team is committed to keeping their star player on staff.

Why are Mumbai Indians offering Jofra Archer a Rs 10 crore deal?
Mumbai Indians are implementing a year-round policy and are willing to invest in Archer to secure his services for an extended period.
How will the ECB be involved in Jofra Archer's contract with Mumbai Indians?
The ECB will need to seek permission from Mumbai Indians if they want to utilise Archer in international duties due to his potential year-round contract.
Why did Jofra Archer leave the MI camp, and where is he rehabilitating?
Archer left the MI camp due to an elbow issue, and he is currently rehabilitating in England after departing from the IPL.