Jos Buttler On His ‘Proudest Moment In An England Shirt

Jos Buttler shared his mind on his proudest moment in an England jersey - scoring his maiden Test hundred at Trent Bridge. In his Sky Sports blog, he expressed the first-rate feeling and elation he experienced whilst attaining this milestone. 

The renowned cricketer achieved a notable score of 106 alongside Ben Stokes, contributing to the extension of the third Test against India into a final day. 

Having been absent from the Test team for 17 months, Jos Buttler was given another opportunity in May and, remarkably, managed to secure his first hundred in his 23rd match. 

Reflecting on his achievement, he expressed that while it had been a long time coming, a few months ago it felt like a far-fetched dream.

Jos Buttler admitted that there had been an additional experience of alleviation in eventually overcoming a mental hurdle.

Jos Buttler's test hundred held immense significance as he values Test cricket highly. He emphasised that it was a special moment for him personally, even though it came in a losing cause.

Buttler's partnership of 169 with Stokes, who made 62, meant the players would be back at Trent Bridge the next morning. However, India needed only one more wicket with England still far away, trailing by 210 runs, as they stood at 311-9. 

 Jos Buttler commented on their performance, exclaiming that they needed to show a lot of character and not give it to India easily. They did that well throughout the day ensuring they came back for a fifth day.

The Lancashire player expressed his delight in proving to himself that he can excel in the five-day format and score hundreds, dispelling the notion of being solely a limited-overs specialist. Jos Buttler described it as a nice mental hurdle to overcome and now has a clear idea of how he achieved his Test century.

Jos Buttler's test performance validated his ability to adapt his game and not just rely on aggressive stroke play. He acknowledged the importance of trusting his defence and judgement, which allowed him to tailor his innings according to the match situation.

Overall, his heartfelt reflections reveal the significance of Jos Buttler's test century and his dedication for test cricket, while also showcasing his admiration for his fellow teammates and their contributions to the game.

Jos Buttler's test cricket adventure reached the top as he carried out his maiden century at Trent Bridge. His pride in wearing an England jersey, coupled together with his willpower to triumph over mental hurdles, resonates deeply with enthusiasts. 

With players like Jos Buttler and the legendary James Anderson within the squad, England's future in Test cricket appears promising. As cricket enthusiasts, we eagerly expect to witness extra wonderful moments and achievements from these proficient players at the international level.

What did Jos Buttler highlight in his recent blog?
The most important highlight of Jos Buttler's recent blog is his description of scoring his maiden Test hundred at Trent Bridge, which he considers his proudest moment in an England shirt.
How many Test centuries have Jos Buttler scored in his career?
Jos Buttler has scored one Test century in his career.
What is Jos Buttler's take on his batting style during the test?
Jos Buttler emphasised the importance of trusting his defence and judgement, which allowed him to tailor his innings according to the match situation.
Which format did Jos Buttler specialise in before excelling in Test cricket?
Jos Buttler was previously labelled a limited-overs specialist before excelling in Test cricket.
According to Jos Buttler, what was the significance of overcoming a mental hurdle?
Overcoming the mental hurdle brought Jos Buttler a sense of relief and instilled confidence in his Test cricket abilities.