Josh Hazlewood ICC Ranking And Stats

Josh Hazlewood is presently rated 15th in the ICC Test bowling rankings, with a total of 717 points. He is ranked first in the ICC ODI bowling rankings with 705 points. With a total of 690 points, Josh Hazlewood is ranked second in the ICC T20 bowling rankings.

It would not be incorrect to characterise Josh Hazlewood as the modern-day incarnation of the legendary Glenn McGrath. The parallel is obvious: a graceful run up to the crease with the goal of accuracy rather than brute speed.

The objective was usually an unerring fourth or fifth stump line with a bit of swing or seam thrown in for good measure. Almost a traditional quick bowler. Although he is not yet in the league of McGrath, Hazlewood will undoubtedly be among the best pacers to have graced the game by the time he hangs up his boots.

Hazlewood's potential was evident from an early age, as he made his First-class debut at the age of 17 in the 2008-09 season, making him the youngest fast bowler ever to represent New South Wales. 

Gradually, he was introduced to the other forms on the local circuit, as well as a surprise Josh Hazlewood ODI in 2010, though it took another three years for him to play another 50-over game. Because I am young and inexperienced,

Hazlewood was clearly a work in progress, but the selectors were keeping an eye on him. After a great home season in 2013-14, he was ready to take on international cricket.

Josh Hazlewood: A Dream Come True

Australia is well-known for producing several speed legends. From Dennis Lillee to Glenn McGrath, many players have earned a reputation for themselves by tormenting opposing batters all across the world. The 52-year-old 6-foot-6-inch bowler from New South Wales reminds cricket fans a lot of Josh Hazlewood. 

Josh Hazlewood, like McGrath, has a calm and disciplined bowling movement and, unlike many of his teammates, focuses on line and length rather than raw pace. Josh Hazlewood is an Australian cricketer who also plays for the Bangalore Team in the Indian T20 League.

Hazlewood became South Wales' youngest fast bowler when he made his first-class debut at the age of 17 in 2008. His ODI debut for Australia came two years later, but he had to wait another three years to add to that total. Since then, the 6-foot-5-inch bowler hasn't looked back.

Hazlewood shone in Australia's 2017-18 Ashes campaign, helping the team reclaim the urn after a five-year absence. He'll be looking to build a name for himself in England during the 2019 Ashes series. Apart from being a successful Test bowler, Hazlewood has also performed well in ODIs.

His unwavering accuracy has hindered many batsmen, and he has also attempted to add a few variations to his arsenal to suit the format. Although speed isn't his strong suit, Hazlewood improved his speed significantly throughout the 2017-18 season, reaching about 87-88 mph on average very routinely. While the tempo has increased, the accuracy has remained constant, implying that Hazlewood's efficiency has doubled.

Josh Hazlewood was passed over for the WC, which was somewhat of a setback. He nevertheless remained a valuable asset in Test cricket with his probing lines and ball-moving skills. Due to his bowling technique in Test matches, Hazlewood isn't very well-liked in T20 Leagues. 

He hasn't drawn much interest in the IPL either, as is only natural. He was purchased by CSK in the 2020 auctions as part of an effort to strengthen their pace-bowling stock. He'll be eager to establish himself and show his versatility as a bowler. It's not a bad idea to start with the IPL.

What is Josh Hazlewood's batting average during his career?
Josh Hazlewood's batting efforts aren't all that significant because he is mostly recognized for his bowling prowess. He occasionally uses the bat to make important lower-order contributions.
Is Josh Hazlewood known for his sportsmanship?
On the cricket pitch, Josh Hazlewood is well-known for his sportsmanship and fair play. He is well-known for his cool temperament and dedication to playing the game in the proper spirit.