Kagiso Rabada Showers Praise On Virat Kohli

Kagiso Rabada Records have become a hot topic of discussion among fans. Whether it is a 5-day match or a T20 game, the bowler never fails to amaze the cricketing fraternity with his fantastic bowling performances. Speed, accuracy, and good line are the highlights of Rabada’s bowling. 

He bowls fearlessly at an average speed of 140 or more, sending shocking waves to batsmen. However, this deadly bowler has a soft side for great batsmen as well. Kagiso Rabada poured heaps of praise on Virat Kohli. Let’s find out more about this incident.

Kagiso Rabada News: The Bowler Praised Kohli

The 28-year-old South African pacer respects good batting despite having a rivalry with them on the pitch. It’s a competition. So, any bowler has to act like an enemy, beating the bat and taking the batsman out in the process. However, off the field, each cricketer is like a normal person to other cricketers. Even on the ground, cricketers tender their praise by clapping on opponents’ performances. However, showering praises in person is something that you don’t get to see too often.

Only legendary cricketers receive applause from opponents and bowlers like Kagiso Rabada. Virat Kohli is one such lively legend that has earned immense respect from batsmen and bowlers alike. Even veterans believe that Kohli is set to break all records. Besides this, Virat Kohli is extremely friendly to other cricketers. He embraces defeat with a smile and pressures humility after winning. That’s the main reason why people applaud Kohli.

Kagiso Rabada is one such fan of Kohli’s batting. When South Africa visited India in 2019, Rabada led the team in the limited-overs contest. According to Rabada, Virat is a great batsman who has every shot of the game. He plays quietly and never gets carried away after scoring runs. On the contrary, Virat gets deadly playing with grace, amassing runs easily on all corners of the ground.

Kagiso Rabada further added that Kohli is the best batsman in white-ball cricket. It’s extremely difficult to bowl against him. Plus, Indian pitches are batting-friendly. As a result, bowlers always face a tough task in front of star batsmen in the Indian continent. Kohli doesn’t feel under pressure even on bowling tracks. So, bowling against him on a batting pitch is a real challenge for any bowler.

According to Kagiso Rabada, playing with Kohli is an opportunity to test himself. A bowler can easily pick wickets on a bowling track and pose trouble for any batsman. However, great batsmen like Kohli don’t bother about pitches. Whether it’s a batting-friendly ground or a bowling pitch, Virat plays naturally and as per the conditions. Also, he doesn’t care who the bowler or the opponents are. He only cares about scoring runs as per the need of the hour. As such, bowling against Kohli comes as a real threat as well as an opportunity.

If a bowler can pose difficulties for a batsman like Kohli, it means his bowling is up to the mark; otherwise not. Most bowlers struggle to bowl against batsmen like Virat. The situation becomes even more challenging on a batting pitch. Since the South African team was on India’s tour, bowling against Kohli on batting tracks meant a real threat to bowlers.

Kagiso Rabada is well known for his speedy and good-length deliveries. He is also set to break many records in bowling in all three formats. However, the pacer never forgets to applaud great batsmen like Kohli. Let’s see how well Rabada performs in the upcoming tournaments, especially on batting tracks.

Who is Rabada’s favourite batsman?
He is a fan of Australian batsman Michael Clarke.
What are the hobbies of Kagiso Rabada?
The bowler has interest in various things. However, he likes to play piano and listen to music more than other chores.
Who is Rabada’s favourite actor?
The pacer is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan.