Keeping Personal Agendas Aside: Fuming Kamran Akmal's Message To Babar Azam

In cricket, emotions run high, and personal agendas occasionally blur the lines of professional ethics. Kamran Akmal's news was in the spotlight when he expressed his frustration with Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team.

Kamran Akmal's debut match was in 2002, and over the years, he became a key figure in Pakistan's cricketing landscape. He was a crucial part of Pakistan's 2009 ICC World Twenty20-winning squad. Throughout his career, Kamran Akmal's ODI and T-20 records demonstrated his versatility at various positions in the batting order.

Why did Kamran Akmal lash out at Babar Azam?

Veteran Pakistani cricketer Kamran Akmal isn't pleased with how the Pakistan Cricket Board treats his brother Umar Akmal. After seeing his brother being "unfairly" disregarded, Akmal yelled at Pakistan captain Babar Azam, advising him to put the national team's interests ahead of any "personal agendas" he might have. Kamran Akmal further charged Babar with prioritizing his preferences over those of the nation regarding squad selection, particularly in light of the ODI team's omission of Umar.

Kamran's exact words to the captain were, "Keep your personal agendas aside, drafting a team should be about putting Pakistan first, not personal agendas or preferences. Alarm bells go out when players are switched between formats based more on relationships than performance. We can't afford to treat choosing the team like a musical chairs game."  

Kamran Akmal believes that the selection in the ODI format should be independent of the player's performance in other forms like T-20 and their connections with the board members. He said this is not a game of musical chairs and is unfair to the team or players. Hyping his brother up, he stated that Umar deserves to play for the national team and is an excellent player.

"Teams shouldn't be based on liking or disliking. I don't think they seem to be treating Umar well. He deserves to play for the national side," the Veteran cricketer stated furiously.

He added that Babar Azam has been with the team for a very long time now and knows the requirements well, so he should focus on improving the team rather than siding with the board members. The nation trusts him with the team, and he has been entrusted with a great responsibility.

Umar Akmal's Performance in Recent Times

Umar Akmal last played in an international cricket match in October 2019. He was out of the T20I encounter against Sri Lanka for a duck. He has participated in 84 T20Is, 16 ODIs, and 121 ODIs for Pakistan overall. Umar has tremendous potential, but his time competing on the international circuit has frequently been marred by scandal. In his Test debut against New Zealand in November 2009, Umar notched a magnificent century. But in 2010, he showed a decline in performance. He even received a show cause notice for conducting interviews without authorization a year later. Umar has a test average of 35.82 with 1003 runs in 30 innings. Umar has a fantastic strike rate of 122.73 in T20I cricket.

In conclusion, the recent outburst by veteran Pakistani cricketer Kamran Akmal against Babar Azam and the Pakistan Cricket Board shines a light on the complex issue of personal agendas and preferences within the cricket world. Kamran Akmal's frustration, driven by his belief that his brother Umar Akmal has been unfairly overlooked, underscores the need for transparency, fair selection processes, and open communication within the national cricket team.


Is Babar Azam related to Kamran Akmal?
Yes, Babar Azam, born in Lahore, is the cousin of Kamran Akmal, Umar Akmal, and Adnan Akmal. Babar Azam and Kamran Akmal are often spotted practicing in the nets together.
What is Kamran Akmal's age?
Kamran Akmal age is 41. He was born on 13th October 1982 in Lahore. 
Why was Umar Akmal banned?
The Pakistan Cricket Board gave him an 18-month suspension for failing to disclose offers relating to spot-fixing until August 2021.