Kevin Pietersen’s Love Story Can Become A Super-Hit Bollywood Movie

The former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen is among the greatest batsmen ever. Pietersen appeared in international cricket from 2004 and retired in 2014. The right-arm batsman and England captain (2008-2009) is now seen in the commentary box, providing valuable insights during some of the best matches.

Pietersen’s innovative strokes have dazzled all cricket fans worldwide, while his charismatic presence left everyone spellbound. And so, he has always been in the limelight of the media both on and off the field. The press also covers his heartwarming love story, and it’s nothing less than the script of a blockbuster Bollywood movie.

The ‘fastest batsman in the world’, Kevin Pietersen’s birthplace is South Africa. He started his cricketing career at the domestic level playing for Natal, but while getting into the South African national team, Pietersen suffered racial discrimination. He moved to England (his mother’s homeland) and was selected for the national team as a naturalised citizen.

How It All Started

He first met his fiance and future wife during his international cricketing career. The name of Kevin Pietersen’s wife is Jessica Taylor. She’s a famous British pop singer and widely acclaimed television personality. Taylor has also starred in Bollywood hits like Miss Beverly Hills Ghost, The Hallow Sea and Girl Lost- just to name a few.

Jessica’s musical career started when she was one of the finalists in a musical reality show called Popstars. She formed the band Liberty X in 2001 with the runners-up of that show. Her hall of fame started with this band, which was a mega-hit with more than 3 million records sold globally. She also appeared in another TV show called Strictly Ice Dancing on BBC as one of the finalists.

In 2006, Pietersen met Jessica for the first time. She was invited to one of his matches (England vs Pakistan) to sing the inaugural national anthem. It all started with their backstage conversation, and shortly thereafter, the two felt connected and started dating each other. As the relationship grew, they faced many challenges due to their professional commitment but held onto each other.

A Lifetime of Love

The next year, Pietersen and Jessica tied the knot. Their lavish wedding was graced with the presence of some of the best sports stars, musicians, actors and television personalities from across the globe. In 2010, their firstborn, a son, was named Dylan. The name of Kevin Pietersen’s daughter, their second child is Rosie.

Pietersen lives in a lavish mansion in the Wentworth Estate with his family. Kevin and Jessica have been quite vocal in the media all these years about how lucky they have been to find each other. Both have supported their respective careers and are proud of each other. Jessica was often seen attending Kevin’s matches, cheering for him.

The Current Chapter

According to reports, Kevin Pietersen’s net worth is $7.5 million. Jessica and Kevin are working together to raise awareness for wildlife conservation. They have also found a charity named KP24 Foundation. Both are travelling all over the world to promote awareness about conversation and other charitable work.

Kevin Pietersen and Jessica Taylor’s love story is indeed like a superhit movie. Their love story, successful career graph and present involvement in charity work will remain a true inspiration for many. A sneak peek into their intense love connection can be seen through Kevin Pietersen’s images on social media with his wife.

Is Kevin Pietersen born in England?
No, Pietersen is a native of South Africa. He is a naturalised citizen of England, the native land of his mother.
What is the latest news on Kevin Pietersen?
Kevin Pietersen’s latest news is that he is presently associated with cricket commentary and wildlife conservation.
Does Pietersen have any record in his cricket career?
Kevin Pietersen’s record of being the ‘fastest batsman in the world’ for crossing 2,000 runs in ODI matches stands unbroken till now.
Which car does Pietersen own?
Pietersen owns multiple high-end cars, including a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a Range Rover.