Khawaja Adds The Final Exclamation Mark To His Storied Comeback

To get somewhere, you need to backtrack. This party is like no other. The opening of Usman Khawaja is instantly recognisable, with the bat extended like a fist as he leaps over the infield to start a run. But inside of him, a roiling emotion rises to the surface.

Khawaja completes his remarkable comeback with a bang

Do you know about Usman Khawaja’s latest news? After the chorus of "Don't Stop Believin'" plays on the jukebox, he throws away his bat and raises one arm involuntarily. This was not a clean toss, nor was any mic-dropping drama intended. His body thrashes, a physical expostulation in response to an emotion he cannot find words for, and the bat falls from his grasp.

His hands had cramped up after he used that bat flawlessly for four sessions of a Test match. He also needs to make an effort. Like Forrest Gump, he keeps on the run. A batter without a bat is exposed and vulnerable like a snail without its shell. Usman Khawaja is only revealed because he has let his guard down and shared a part of himself. He stands on the Australian balcony and pumps both fists in the air. Alex Carey finds and congratulates him, but by the time they embrace, Ben Stokes has already passed their mark.

Usman Khawaja had a near miss on 96 moments before, a cover drive that looks like a four but pulls up for two. He needs a steer to make it to the fence before attempting for the hundred again. His previous best in England was 54, achieved in his debut Test there in 2013.

In 2019, he was sent home to England after what he believed to be the end of his career. It was here where he capped off his remarkable return.

Usman Khawaja has consistently been riveting to watch. When he debuted in 2011, the journalists at Sydney's broadsheet paper were so captivated by his performance that they failed to coordinate who would write about which aspect of his game. The following day's paper devoted numerous articles about one player's 37.

There have been both laudatory and critical periods since then, but general goodwill can be quickly awakened from dormancy by a string of successful innings. When questioned about his play, Khawaja frequently became defensive and snippy.

Usman Khawaja had played 44 Tests with eight hundred and an average of just around 40 until he dropped in 2019 following three more disappointing Ashes matches. These statistics were solid, but he could have done better to his potential, and his record was good at home but dismal on the road. He still felt his exclusion was unjust.

The fact that he no longer has anything to prove coincides nicely with when he first began demonstrating his ideas. This track sits at the album's tail end, his career's hidden gem and allows the musicians creative freedom. The older Usman Khawaja, who has a growing family and has given up on ever playing for Australia again, is now unrestricted.

Australia should have been eliminated at 67/3, 148/4, and 220/5. On the other hand, Khawaja stayed still, watching, waiting, and perhaps rasping a pull shot or cover drive. The icing on the cake came after he passed 100 when he survived a stump-rattler from Stuart Broad by an overstep. 

Australia were 311 for five when he made the mistake, 82 runs behind England. The celebration of the hundredth was a partial chapter. Usman Khawaja batted for another 25 overs, finishing on 126 not out at the end of the innings. He has already established that nothing makes him happier in the long run.

What is the net worth of Usman Khawaja?
In 2023, Usman Khawaja is worth roughly INR 15 billion, or USD 2 million.
Who is Usman Khawaja's wife?
Rachel Khawaja is the spouse of Usman Khawaja.
What is the citizenship of Usman Khawaja?
Khawaja holds citizenship in both Australia and Pakistan.