Kieron Pollard's Record-Breaking Blast: Unleashing A Monstrous 110-Meter Six In MLC

The biggest six in Major League Cricket (MLC) was hit by West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard on Wednesday while playing for MI New York versus Seattle Orcas. The Caribbean all-rounder hit a massive 110-metre sixer in the 12th over while batting with Nicholas Pooran, facing the second delivery from Cameron Gannon.

The big man from Trinidad and Tobago, Kieron Pollard, has achieved a remarkable feat. Kieron Pollard has played 600 top-tier or professional T20 matches, making him the first player to do so. Kieron Pollard century tops the global list of T20 players with the most appearances. 

Pollard's flamboyance on the pitch and unbridled enthusiasm for the sport work in his favour. The teams are always eager to have him on the roster because he is a major match player as well. While representing London Spirit in the T20 Blast, he took part in his 600th T20 game. Here is a detailed look:

Kieron Pollard Completes 600 T20 Games

With a height of 6'5" and a weight of 110+ kg, Kieron Pollard is one of the most nimble players in the world. Kieron Pollard is a monster on the pitch, whether you call it "God's Gift" or the man's raw talent. 

He reached the milestone of playing 600 T20 games while representing the London Spirits in the NatWest T20 Blast, England Cricket's premier T20 tournament. He now holds the record for most caps in this sport's format. (Only taking into account the top-tier T20 leagues). DJ Bravo, a friend of Pollard's, is listed second.

Pollard And His Fitness

Kieron Pollard is enormous. He is one of the tallest athletes playing right now in the world. He is hardly feather-light in weight either. He made his debut when he was selected as the top selection in the 2010 Kieron Pollard IPL Auction. 

To determine who gets Pollard, the Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings had to compete in a tie-breaker round. Pollard has since come to represent the Mumbai Indians. Kieron Pollard also happens to have one of the outfield's safest sets of hands. On the pitch, his speed and leaps are unbelievable. Athlete excellence is on display! 

Kieron Kieron In MLC 2023, Pollard Smacks A Massive 110-Metre Six In MLC 2023, Pollard Smacks A Massive 110-Metre Six

In his explosive cameo, through Kieron Pollard century hit a huge six to set the Major Cricket League record for the longest six. Pollard smashed a 110-metre six into deep mid-wicket in the 12th over of Cameron Gannon by launching the ball off the ground. Kieron Pollard scored 34 runs off 18 balls during his cameo, smashing three sixes and one boundary. Throughout his knock, he kept a fantastic strike rate of 118 or above. Later, the same bowler Gannon got rid of him.

Other Records 

He had batting averages of 11.30 from 15 Kieron Pollard ODIs and 17.20 from 10 T20Is. He was the co-biggest acquisition at the Kieron Pollard IPL auction in January 2010. The $750,000 that the Mumbai Indians paid for Pollard's international record was paid for his terrifying hitting ability in domestic T20 matches, most notably when he smashed 54 off In the 2009 Champions League T20 match against New South Wales, T&T received 18 balls.

In the months that followed, Kieron Pollard proceeded to demonstrate how much ground franchise cricket had gained on the international game. That IPL auction marked a change in the landscape of cricket. Kieron Pollard century chose to play T20s for Somerset instead of the West Indies A squad, and he later declined to sign a WICB central contract because doing so would have required him to be available for the West Indies at all times.

What is Kieron Pollard's highest ODI score?
In ODIs, Kieron Pollard has a maximum score of 119.
Did Kieron Pollard participate in Test matches?
Kieron Pollard, who has never played in a Test match, has announced his retirement from international baseball and cricket.