KL Rahul - Prasidh Krishna Is Brave And Aggressive

Cricket is quickly becoming the hot choice of people all over the world. With the introduction of different versions such as tests, ODIs, and T20s, the game has been spreading in most nations over time. Consequently, the number of fan bases also keeps increasing. Not to forget, the initiation of the IPL has magnified the thrills associated with the game. Many players get a chance to showcase their skills in IPL T20 matches. Prasidh Krishna is one such new sensation that has garnered attention from the cricketing fraternity. Let’s dig for more info about this emerging talent.

Prasidh Krishna News: Who is He?

He is an Indian cricketer who plays for the team in international matches. Prasidh Krishna is a right-arm fast bowler. Due to the wide variety in his bowling, Prasidh has become a real threat to any batsmen in any format of the game. His biggest strength lies in his pace variation. Prasidh can deceive any batter on any pitch on any given day with speed variation. After his wonderful performances in domestic cricket, Prasidh was picked for the national team for ODIs in 2021. He has also played for different teams in the IPL.

Prasidh Krishna Stats

When national selectors saw Prasidh bowling in domestic cricket for Karnataka, they were surprised by his variety. The bowler carries immense pace variation. That’s what makes him highly unpredictable for any batter. As a result, batsmen struggle to make runs against Prasidh even in death overs. A simple mistake on a batsman’s part gets him a wicket. Not to forget, he becomes deadly on bowling tracks.

Prasidh Krishna hasn’t appeared in too many games. Yet, he has an amazing set of records. In 15 ODIs that he played, Prasidh grabbed 26 wickets at an impressive average of 24.6. His best bowling figures are 4 for 12. He has taken 4 wickets twice, and his economy rate is 5.28. Experts believe that his performance will improve further with time.

Prasidh’s T20 performances are the highlight of his career. He has played 74 matches, picking 72 wickets for his teams. Prasidh Krishna averages 32.09 per wicket, and his best figures stand at 4 for 30. He has taken 4 wickets once, and his economy rate is 8.54 runs per over.

Why Did K L Rahul Call Prasidh Krishna Brave and Aggressive?

Prasidh Krishna was picked for the ODI team against England in 2021. In his first match, the bowler showed remarkable skills. He bagged 4 wickets for 54 runs, thus arousing the attention of all. This kind of performance in a debut match is rare. So, applause from the cricketing fraternity came as no- surprise for this emerging talent.

However, those who know Prasidh weren’t surprised by his performances. K L Rahul is one such Indian cricketer who expressed his feelings about Prasidh’s performance in his first ODI. Rahul said that Prasidh is aggressive and brave. He prefers to take the bull by the horns. According to Rahul, the bowler has demonstrated such skills in domestic cricket on various occasions.

So, he wasn’t too surprised at his performances. Prasidh Krishna is extremely aggressive when it comes to bowling. He doesn’t care to see who the batter is. He focuses on a good line and sticks to his variety to pick wickets. He proved this point in his debut match too. Even the English top-order batsmen struggled to play against Prasidh’s bowling.

Prasidh Krishna has become a hot topic of discussion among the cricketing world. Although the bowler hasn’t appeared in too many matches, he has shown his worth in his limited career until now. It would be interesting to watch Prasidh in action in the coming tournaments.

What are the hobbies of Prasidh Krishna?
He loves football, cycling, and console gaming.
What is his wife’s name?
His wife’s name is Rachana.
Who is Prasidh’s favourite bowler?
He is a fan of former Australian pacer Brett Lee.