Kuldeep Yadav's Perfect Delivery: A Remembrance To The Epic Ball Of The Century

Do you remember the epic ball of the century? If not, it was Shane Warne’s delivery against Mike Gatting at Old Trafford in the Ashes series in 1993. The ball surprised the batsman as well as the crowd alike. 26 years later, his follower Kuldeep Yadav delivered a perfect epic ball in the same manner against arch rivals Pakistan. Let's dig deeper to find out more about this fantastic delivery.

Kuldeep Yadav’s Epic Delivery 

Cricket matches between India and Pakistan are always a tense game. It's a matter of life and death between players and fans. This situation aggravates in limited-over cricket. The moment gets compounded when you see momentary shots or amazing deliveries. The India versus Pakistan match in the 2019 World Cup is one such game that revived the epic ball of the century.

Pakistanis were placed at 117 for one with two batsmen Babar Azam and Fakhar Zaman making easy runs. At that stage, India needed someone to pick quick wickets to put the batting side on defence. Kuldeep Yadav lived up to the expectations of his team and fans here. The bowler was in the middle of his long spell and managed to keep the batsman under control.

The magical ball from Kuldeep came to life in the 23rd over of the Pakistani innings. The bowler outfoxed the Pakistani batting maestro Babar Azam by making a mess of his stumps. Babar was well set at 48 and was about to score his 50. However, he was mistiming shots against Kuldeep Yadav. So, he decided to play cautiously. Despite all his caution, he was outsmarted by Kuldeep.

The moment Kuldeep Yadav released the delivery from his hand, it looked a perfect one. There was drift, dip, spin, and flight to which Babar Azam was completely clueless. The stock delivery pitched and turned back sharply right through the gap between the bat and the pad making its way to the stumps. 26 years after Warne’s bowl of the century, Kuldeep gave his idol an ideal tribute in a nerve-racking clash between Pakistan and India.

It encompassed all the likes of the delivery that Warne bowled in that match at Old Trafford. According to cricket experts, Yadav's delivery turned 5.8 degrees, deceiving Babar Azam. The Pakistani premier batsman was beaten on the inside, misunderstanding the trajectory of the ball.

Azam was essentially surprised by the vicious turn of the ball that messed up his stumps. After dislodging Babar, Fakhar Zaman was the next victim. Kuldeep Yadav flighted the delivery outside the off stump enticing Zaman for a slog sweep. The Batman topped into the hands of Chahal at the short point. In the process, Pakistan’s run chase was completely dented. Two quick wickets from Kuldeep sealed the contest for India. In the end, India beat Pakistan in the world cup making it 7:1.

Kuldeep Yadav stats keep improving day by day with time. Whether it’s a limited-over battle or a test match, the bowler is at his best all the time. Kuldeep keeps trying new deliveries to surprise batsmen in all formats of the game. His perfect ball bowled against Babar Azam is an ideal tribute to his Idol Shane Warne, on the same ground. Let's wait and watch how many new magical deliveries Kuldeep Yadav produces in the coming years.

Why is Kuldeep’s delivery comparable to that of Shane Warne’s masterpiece?
The bowler produced the same magic on the same ground as Shane Warne and bowled out a great batsman - Babar Azam.
Is Kuldeep Yadav comparable to Shane Warne?
The bowler is yet to prove a lot. However, he makes a good comparison to legendary Warne on some fronts, especially spin.
Will Kuldeep Yadav become a premier bowler for India?
Yes!With his constant improvement, Kuldeep is likely to be the next known bowler for India.