Learning From The Best: Srikar Bharat's Valuable Insights From MS Dhoni On Wicket-Keeping

KS Bharat is one of the talented young batsman and wicket-keepers who used to play for Andhra in domestic cricket. He recently made his appearance in the India International Cricket team on 9th February, 2023. The test cap was given to him in a very celebration with his family members and coeliac sharing his part of the victory. 

He is indeed a very talented wicketkeeper and got a lot of insights from the former wicket keeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He has praised him a lot. Bharat is selected as one of the first-choice wicket keepers for the Test Championship Final against Australia. Dhoni’s valuable tips have inspired Bharat to regain his confidence and are also very useful for him. 

About KS Bharat 

KS Bharat born on 3rd October 1993 is a 29-year-old wicketkeeper and a batsman in the India International cricket team. He used to represent Andhra in domestic cricket. He landed his footprint in the India International test series against Australia on February 9, 2023. He was praised by many legends from the Indian International Cricket team.

He received his test cap from the legendary cricketer Chestaswar Pujara. This was a euphoric moment in his life and career history. In the presence of his parents, wife, coach, and other family members he received the test cap. MS Dhoni gave a lot of valuable insights to him on wicket keeping which helped him further in his career. 

Srikar Bharat's Valuable Insights From MS Dhoni On Wicket-Keeping

Srikar Bharat is selected for the India International Test debut against Australia in February 2023. The wicket keeper and batsman is immensely talented and is capable of raising his career high in the India International cricket time. 

Legendary players like MS Dhoni (former Indian Skipper and gloveman) have praised him a lot. He thinks that KS Bharat can be one of the top wicket keepers in the team. He is very impressed and inspired after meeting the former captain of India. He thinks that Dhoni’s words will be very useful and powerful for him in the next run of his career. 

The Gujarat Titan player also thinks that his job requires a lot of “intent” as reported in recent news. He also added that one must be passionate enough in this field of cricket to fulfill his dream and ultimately achieve success on the ground. He also referred to playing cricket as a “thankless job”. 

Srikar Bharat has already played four test series. Between him and Ishan Kishan, there is still a debate going on about who will play for the upcoming WTC final in the team of XI. Although KS Bharat is the top choice for wicket keeper role Rishab Pant is recovering from a horrifying car accident and his replacement KL Rahul is also recovering from surgery in his right thigh. Bharat recently in an interview said that challenges are meant to be embraced with bravery.

KS Bharat is a young and talented wicketkeeper and right-handed batter who is one of the shining gemstones of the India International Cricket team. He recently mentioned in an interview that former Indian skipper and wicketkeeper MS Dhoni’s valuable insight has helped him a lot to carry forward his career as a wicketkeeper in the India International cricket team. The 29-year-old wicket keeper is one of the top choices for the WTC final in the team's XI. Bharat believes that challenges will come in the field of the game, but we need to embrace all of the challenges to run forward in the show. 

When did KS Bharat make his test debut? 
KS Bharat made his test debut on February 9, 2023. 
What are KS Bharat’s skills?
KS Bharat is a wicketkeeper and a batsman.