Learnt How To Bat Calmly Under Pressure From MS Dhoni, Hoping To Impress Selectors In IPL 2022, Says Rahul Tripathi

Rahul Tripathi, the emerging Indian cricketer known for his explosive batting skills and versatility as an opener in the Indian Premier League (IPL), recognizes the importance of composure under pressure. Tripathi attributes his ability to bat calmly in high-stakes situations to the guidance he received from none other than former Indian captain MS Dhoni.

During his debut IPL season with the Rising Pune Supergiant team, Tripathi had the opportunity to play alongside Dhoni. The experience left a lasting impact on the young batsman as he witnessed firsthand Dhoni's composed demeanour and calculated decision-making under pressure.

Dhoni's reputation as a finisher taught Tripathi valuable lessons about staying calm during tense run chases. The former skipper's ability to handle pressure situations with ease made a deep impression on Tripathi, who sought to emulate Dhoni's composure on the field.

Composure and mental toughness are crucial aspects of cricket, and Tripathi learned from Dhoni how to handle expectations effectively. He observed how Dhoni would remain calm even in challenging circumstances, never letting external pressure affect his performance. This mindset helped Tripathi develop mental resilience and stay focused on his game.

Tripathi also learned specific techniques from Dhoni regarding finishing games. As a senior player in his team, he strives to lead by example and motivate his teammates through his composed approach and match-winning performances.

One notable incident that demonstrated Tripathi's ability to handle pressure occurred during the Sharjah Qualifier 2 match in IPL 2021. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) found themselves on the verge of losing against Delhi Capitals when Tripathi stepped up. With just two balls remaining, KKR needed six runs to win. Tripathi remained calm and hit a six off R Ashwin's delivery, securing a thrilling victory for his team.

As Tripathi looks ahead to IPL 2022, his focus is on impressing the selectors through consistent performances and adaptability. His journey in domestic cricket has been marked by notable performances, which led to stints with various IPL teams such as Rising Pune Supergiant, Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Tripathi's talent was also recognized at the international level when he was included in India's T20I and ODI squads, making his debut in both formats. However, he understands that consistency is key to making a lasting impact during the tournament and catching the attention of national selectors.

Impressing the selectors in IPL 2022 will require Tripathi to showcase growth through consistent performances. He aims to contribute significantly to his team's success while demonstrating composure under pressure. This will be crucial in proving himself as a composed and impactful batsman worthy of national selection.

The importance of composure under pressure cannot be overstated in cricket. It can shape a young cricketer's career and pave the way for success at both domestic and international levels. Tripathi's journey as a cricketer highlights how learning from experienced players like MS Dhoni can have a profound impact on one's development.

As Rahul Tripathi enters IPL 2022 with hopes of leaving a strong impression on selectors, fans eagerly await his performances on the field. With his ability to bat calmly under pressure honed through lessons learned from MS Dhoni, Tripathi has set himself up for an exciting season ahead.