Mandeep Singh: Unveiling The Cricketer's Net Worth, Salary, Endorsements, Cars, And Residence

Cricketers are known for their professional and personal lives. They live a luxurious life as their income is high. They own expensive things such as cars, houses, and many other things which attract their fans so much. In this Mandeep Singh is also one of the cricketers who earns handsome money. Mandeep Singh match charges are quite high and he has earned it by doing lots of hard work. 

Fans always root for Mandeep Singh match performance and support him unconditionally. Talking about his lavish lifestyle he lives his life on his terms. He has everything that we dream of in our lives. His fans always want to know more about him whether he is buying a new car, house, or his love life. Today we will discuss Mandeep Singh's net worth, salary, endorsements, cars, and residence he has. So let's dive into this here:

Who is Mandeep Singh?

Mandeep Singh is an Indian cricketer who has been playing for India for a long time. He is from Jalandhar, Punjab, and was born on 18 December 1991. He is a young and talented player of the Indian cricket team. 

He was recognized when he performed in the Under-19 World Cup in 2010. He scored the highest runs in the competition and after this, he got a golden chance to debut for his state Punjab in 2010-11 and got a chance in Ranji. Mandeep Singh's father passed away due to battling liver disease at the age of 68. Mandeep got to know that his father was no more with him when Mandeep Singh IPL was happening in the UAE back in 2020. 

Mandeep Singh's Wife

Mandeep Singh's wife's name is Jagdeep Jaswal. They both got married on 25th December 2016. Mandeep and Jagdeep both are blessed with a boy whose name is Rajveer Singh. He was born on 16 January 2021. Jagdeep Singh is a UK-based Healthcare assistant and also a makeup artist. Her birthplace is in England but her parents are from India. 

Mandeep Singh's net worth is $3 million according to the 2022 survey. It is 22 crore INR. Mandeep Singh IPL Salary is INR 1.10 Cr. He was bought by Delhi Capitals in a mega auction in 2022. Mandeep was first bought by Kings XI Punjab in 2010 for INR 10 Lakh. After this, he joined Royal Challengers Bangalore. Mandeep has been part of the Indian Premier League for 10 years. 

Mandeep got an unexpected response from his 10 year long career and joined Kings XI Punjab. They bought Mandeep for INR 1.4 crore. Mandeep Singh owns a BMW 5 series and Mercedes-Benz ML350 luxury cars.

Mandeep Singh Brand Endorsements

Mandeep Singh's brand endorsement charges are 3-5 lakh and a part of his income comes from brand endorsements. Brand endorsement depends upon performance. The more Mandeep Singh century happens the more his brand value increases. Mandeep Singh lives in Jalandhar, Punjab. His house and address details are not public.

Mandeep Singh lives a luxurious life like other cricketers. He is earning handsome money and enjoying every moment of his life. From owning luxury cars to getting a high-paying salary everything is like a dream come true moment for him. Also, he has worked very hard to achieve all these things and he deserves this. 

How old is Mandeep Singh?
Mandeep Singh age is 30 years old.
How tall is Mandeep Singh?
Mandeep Singh is 1.75 m tall.