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Matthew Lawrence Haydon is a former Australian cricketer with a promising career spanning over 15 years.  He had been hitting news headlines for his fierce nature. He is an aggressive and decorated left-handed opening batsman. He was known for his intimidating personality- how he used to induce fear among bowlers. 

Haydon still stands out for his commentary. Even his love life attracted the attention of the media. However, both of them manage to keep their relationship private. 

About Matthew Hayden's wife 

Kellie Hayden is the wife of Matthew Hayden. She is popular for her love involvement with the famous Queenslander. She has been a true supporter throughout the illustrious career of Matthew Hayden.  Kellie has his back through thick and thin, and their love finally emerges to be victorious. 

She was born on 19th March, the birth year is unknown. Kellie Hayden is believed to be in her early fifties and late forties. She is a private person who never talks about her hometown, parents, siblings, or any details about her occupation or family background. 

Not much is known about the personal and professional life of Kellie. Therefore, she was very particular about keeping her life private and is not very active on social media. She avoids coming in front of lots of flash. 

Though the early courting life of Matthew and Kellie was not disclosed as such, they are more open about their marital bond. 

However, on social media, Matthew Hayden does not miss the chance to showcase his emotion for his ladylove. He periodically posts their pictures together. The posts and the captions show that they are still head over heels in love. The former Aussie cricketer uploaded a birthday post on his wife’s birthday, and the caption was something very touching, talking volumes about their bond. 

Was Matthew Hayden a part of any marital controversies at any point in his career?

No, Matthew Hayden was not part of any marital controversies throughout his career. However, during his New Year’s Test match in 2003 against England, his act of shattering the pavilion glass out of anger after disagreeing with the decision of the umpire to call him out soon became a roaring controversy. He was heavily penalised for committing the act. 

Later, in the second test match (Border-Gavaskar Trophy, 2007-2008), he got involved in the racism claims of Australia against India. He was among the witnesses for the charges of Andrew Symond against famous Indian player Harbhajan Singh. He was even charged with a code of conduct violation by Cricket Australia for passing derogatory comments against Harbhajan Singh and Ishant Sharma. 

Matthew Hayden is popular for being among the finest test openers. He even scored the highest individual score, scoring a run of 380 against Zimbabwe. He and Adam Gilchrist and Justin Langer made notable contributions to the success of the Australia cricket team in Test and ODI. Besides admiring his exemplary performances, fans admire his love life as well. Matthew and Kellie have been married for a long time now, but the chemistry is something fans adore to date. 

How many children do Kellie and Matthew Hayden have?  
The couple has three children: two sons (Joshua and Thomas) and one daughter (Grace). Grace was their first kid. The three kids have been heartthrobs to Kellie and Matthew. 
When and how did Kellie and Matthew meet?
No such details are available stating the time when Kellie and Matthew met. Confidentiality was maintained throughout. The only available information is the date and year of their marriage.  The love birds got married on 5th March 2005.
Where did Kellie Hayden pursue her education? 
There is no information about the educational background of Kellie Hayden anywhere. However, she is known to be extremely good in her academics and was active in extracurricular activities.