Mayank Agarwal And Aashita Sood Love Story

The charm of true love has a way of stealing our hearts and inspiring us via love stories. Two people from very different backgrounds, Mayank Agarwal and Aashita Sood came together to forge a love tale that still touches people’s hearts and inspires them all around the world. 

In this blog, we will delve into the heartwarming love story of Mayank Agrawal and his beloved wife Aashita Sood.

Who is Mayank Agarwal's wife?

Asshita Sood who is Mayank Agarwal’s wife was initially one of the closest friends and soo their friendship developed into love. Mayank romantically proposed to his partner in London. By January 2018, the two were engaged and they were on June 4, 2018. Friends from the cricket world attended the cricketer’s wedding and his best pal KLRahul was with him on the special day.

Aashita is an attorney by trade and has a master’s degree in intellectual property law.

Aashita Sood Family

Aashita’s father Praveen Sood is a former police officer. He joined the IPS in 1986 and as of 2016, he has held the position of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Law and Order in Bangalore. While her mother's profession is not clear, it seems she is a housewife and assists in supporting his husband. 

Managing Love and Careers

It is difficult for any person to juggle a high-profile cricket career with a rigorous vocation like a lawyer. However, Mayank and Aashita were able to overcome the difficulties together. They supported one another’s goals and never-ending cheered one another through successes and failures. Despite his demanding training regimen and many overseas trips, Mayank always found time for Aashita. In contrast, Aashita showed incredible tolerance and understanding, frequently rearranging her schedule so that she could be with Mayank for crucial games and milestones. 

According to Aashita, she was completely unaware that he would propose to her for marriage as his phone was broken and she did not communicate much with him during that time. In the aftermath when they finally ran into each other after a lengthy absence the former instantly asked her to marry him and she did as well accepted it without any hesitation.

When Did Mayank Agarwal and Aashita Marry?

The cricketer’s wife Aashita was taken by surprise when the cricketer Mayank Agarwal stopped by London to ask his wife Aashita to be his partner for the biggest innings of his life. By June 4th 2018 the pair had announced their engagement and by June 4 they were legally married. The couple embraced the journey of the wedding and attempted to incorporate their various cultures and traditions.

There are numerous cricket personalities present during their lavish wedding which was attended by family, friends and other guests. On their big day, the couple exuded beauty and their love story inspired many newlyweds.

Mayank Agarwal and Ashita Sood’s romance is a beautiful example of Love’s residency in a world where celebrity partnerships frequently come under harsh scrutiny. Their journey from a fortuitous meeting to a happily ever after wedding serves as a reminder that love is a beautiful and strong force that can get beyond any difficulty.

How many double centuries does Mayank Agarwal have?
Mayank has around 2 double centuries and he is the second-fastest player in cricket to hit 2 double centuries.
How many test matches have Mayank Agarwal played?
Mayank Agarwal has played 21 Test matches till now and scored 1488 runs in total. He has also played 36 innings in these matches with 243 as his highest score at an average of 44.3.