Mayanti Langer Shares Her And Stuart Binny’s Beautiful Love Story

In India, cricket is a strongly observed religion that inspires undying loyalty. Glamorous cheerleaders, dynamic hosts, glamorous anchors and of course the sensational cricketers themselves add lustre to the sport. It is a place where many young ladies weave romantic visions of a future surrounded by cricketing legends. And in the midst of these dreams, a remarkable story emerged: the captivating story of anchor Mayanti Langer and batsman Binny Stuart. Continue reading this blog as we narrate the mesmerising love story of Stuart Binny’s wife, Mayanti and the former Indian cricketer himself.

How Did it Begin?

Anyone who is a die-hard fan of this spectacular sport should know Mayanti Langer. She takes an active role as a sports anchor, often interacting with players. Outstanding all-rounder Binny Stuart, a descendant of cricket legend Roger Binny, met Mayanti through cricket. Mayanti interviewed Binny several times as part of her work duties. Binny was captivated by her sharp intellect and charm, and after sharing his experiences on the field with her, he gave her his heart and linked their destinies forever by proposing on the cricket field. Before this, they dated for a brief time.

Stuart and Mayanti Ties their Knots 

Sports always help people come together and Binny and Mayanti's love story eloquently demonstrates the same. Their love of cricket brought them together and as their bond grew over time, it eventually led to their marriage in September 2012.

Until 2012, Mayanti had previously presided over a number of World Cups in both cricket and football, while Binny struggled with underwhelming results. Unlike Stuart, who was unable to fulfil his full potential at that time, Mayanti performed at her best. However, he underwent a considerable change in form after his marriage to Mayanti. He began to improve on the field and gave all the credit to his gorgeous wife.

A demanding schedule requiring complete concentration is required of the athletes. Because of this, coaches usually suggest that players go without family. The difficulty of this situation was great for Stuart and Mayanti.

The 2012 T20 World Cup required Mayanti and Binny to travel to Sri Lanka. Stuart was included in the Indian playing 11 and Mayanti worked as an anchor for Star Sports India. Despite being embroiled in controversy, both people succeeded despite the difficult conditions.

A Power Couple Through Thick and Thin 

Stuart Binny and Mayanti Langer married in September 2012, yet their love is still as fresh as ever. Mayanti described how their careers developed after their marriage, especially when Stuart Binny started playing international cricket in 2014. Reflecting on this, Mayanti said, “When we met each other, we were both nowhere. ICL had finished abruptly so he was banned from the system. He hadn’t accepted BCCI amnesty, so he had nothing going for him. I had left Zee so I had nothing going for me. We weren’t nobodies, but we were normal individuals. Everything good that has happened to us in our respective careers has happened after we got together.”

Mayanti, Stuart Binny’s wife, thanks cricket for its part in bringing the two together. She said that if this trip helped them connect and make these amazing experiences possible, then there's potential for more success. Given their parallel lives and the numerous chances cricket provides, they might be able to work together and contribute.

What is Stuart Binny’s net worth?
As per the latest updates, Stuart Binny’s net worth is evaluated to be around Rs. 21 crores. Stuart Binny’s income mainly came from IPL, international cricket and advertisement. 
In which team is Stuart Binny playing now?
Stuart Binny retired from all forms of cricket on 30 August 2021. He used to play international test matches, ODIs and in the Indian Premier League for Rajasthan Royals.
Who is Stuart Binny’s father?
Stuart Binny is the son of former Indian cricket legend, Roger Binny.