Meet Keshav Maharaj’s Gorgeous Wife Lerisha Munsamy And The Love Story Of Both Of Them

South African cricket sensation Keshav Maharaj has absolutely captured the hearts of cricket enthusiasts worldwide with his stellar performances on the cricket grounds. However, there's another superb component of his life that is similarly fascinating – his love tale with his wife, Lerisha Munsamy.

Keshav Maharaj, an outstanding left-arm spinner, received enormous recognition while captaining the South African cricket team during an exciting match against India in Bangalore. Unfortunately, this unique match was marred by unexpected rain, and Keshav Maharaj couldn't show off his leadership talents to the fullest. But we are not here to speak about his cricketing prowess;  let’s just dive into the enchanting love tale of Keshav and Lerisha.

All About Their Story 

Lerisha Munsamy, Keshav Maharaj wife, is not just your average cricket WAG (Wives and Girlfriends). She is a renowned Kathak dancer whose grace and skills have won the hearts of many. Her charming photographs and captivating dance videos had taken social media by means of typhoons. Lerisha's love for Bollywood songs is obvious from her spectacular Instagram following, in which she boasts over thirteen thousand devoted fans.

The story of Keshav Maharaj and Lerisha's love affair started as a friendship. They initially met as mutual buddies, sharing interests and passions. Gradually, this friendship developed right into a deep and enduring love. However, the couple determined to keep their dating a mystery from the arena and their families for an extended time.

One of the considerable challenges they faced was to convince their families to accept their relationship. Keshav Maharaj and Lerisha came from hugely extraordinary backgrounds, making it imperative to bridge this gap. In a heartfelt attempt to win over his own family's approval, Keshav Maharaj organised a unique dance performance on his mom's 50th birthday. 

The overall performance featured Keshav himself, dancing Kathak along with his beloved Lerisha. This heartfelt gesture left Keshav's mother very well inspired, and she gave her blessing to their relationship.

Keshav Maharaj and Lerisha got engaged in 2019, marking a massive milestone in their life collectively. However, due to the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, their wedding plans had to be postponed for 3 years. Despite this postponement, their love remained unwavering, and they eventually tied the knot in April of 2022.

Social Media Presence 

Beyond their love for cricket and dance, it's well worth noting that Keshav Maharaj wife, Lerisha Munsamy is an avid animal lover. Her Instagram account gives a glimpse into her compassionate aspect as she frequently stocks heartwarming moments with animals, showcasing her dedication to animal welfare.

Who is Keshav Maharaj?
Keshav Maharaj is a South African cricketer known for his exceptional left-arm spin bowling.
How did Keshav win his family's approval for the relationship?
He organised a Kathak dance performance on his mother's 50th birthday, dancing alongside Lerisha.
When did Keshav and Lerisha get engaged?
They got engaged in 2019.
.What are Keshav Maharaj's cricketing achievements?
Keshav has played 42 Tests, 21 ODIs, and 13 T20 matches, taking 150 Test wickets and scoring 953 runs in Tests.
Where do Keshav Maharaj's ancestors originate from?
Keshav's ancestors came from Sultanpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh around 1874, seeking opportunities in South Africa.