Michael Bracewell Net Worth, Salary, Endorsements, Cars, And House

Michael Bracewell was born on 2 February 1991. He is one of the important players for the New Zealand cricket team. From a young age, Michael was passionate about cricket, leading him to play for the New Zealand U19 team. By 2014, Michael Bracewell age was just 23 when he adorned the national team's jersey for the first time. And guess what? He's been a staple ever since. 

Michael Bracewell's Financial Scorecard

One might wonder about the wealth amassed by such a cricket superstar. To give you a ballpark figure, Michael Bracewell net worth is a staggering $5 million! While we might be curious about Michael Bracewell's monthly income, it remains a secret. This impressive net worth is, of course, thanks to Michael Bracewell stats and the milestones he's achieved in his professional cricketing journey.

Michael Bracewell and the IPL Saga

When injury struck Jacks, Royal Challengers Bangalore had to find a worthy replacement. Enter Michael Bracewell! Jacks had a price tag of Rs 3.2 crore, but Bracewell was a steal, joining the team at a base price of Rs 1 crore. Yet, if you glance at Michael Bracewell stats: 16 T20Is, 113 runs, and 21 wickets, he's quite a catch!

The Power of Brand Michael Bracewell

His cricketing prowess has made him a favourite among brands. Michael Bracewell's face has endorsed them all, from sporting giants like Nike and Adidas to energy drink giant Red Bull. These brand associations boost his earnings and solidify his status as a sought-after brand ambassador.

Cars, Because Why Not?  

A cricket superstar with a love for speed? Yes, that's Michael Bracewell for you! His garage boasts luxury – a BMW, a Mercedes, and a sleek Porsche. These prized possessions certainly amp up his net worth.

Home Sweet Home

Michael Bracewell finds solace in his magnificent home in Wellington, New Zealand. Picture this: a two-story mansion, vast gardens, and a pristine swimming pool. This $2 million beauty is where Bracewell's heart resides.

If you look at Michael Bracewell stats and career, he has deep roots in cricket. His uncles Brendon and John Bracewell played Test cricket earlier. Additionally, Michael is also related to Doug Bracewell, who is a present-day cricket sensation. 

Bracewell is good at both bowling and batting. Recently, he scored 127* from 82 balls against Ireland in Malahide. He explains this further, saying, "When I bat later in the game, it's not easy. I have to deal with different kinds of bowlers. I try to make my batting simple and react to what's happening in the game."

The 50-over World Cup is around the corner, and Bracewell thinks these tours can make a difference. He says, "These tours are really helpful, especially in places like India. We're excited to play against India, learn new things, and get better."

What is the date of birth of Michael Bracewell?
He was born on 2 February 1991.
What is the net worth of Michael Bracewell?
Michael Bracewell net worth currently stands at $5 million.
When did Michael Bracewell make his international debut?
Michael Bracewell will make his international debut in 2022 against Ireland.