Michael Bracewell Wife: All You Need To Know About Lauren Ralston

Born on May 15, 1991, in the scenic city of Glasgow, Scotland, Lauren Ralston tied the knot with Michael Bracewell in a beautiful Scottish ceremony in June 2019. Throughout Michael's cricket journey, Lauren has been the rock-solid support by his side. Many even believe her unwavering support is crucial to Michael's impressive success.

Did You Know? Michael Bracewell and Lauren Ralston are proud parents! They welcomed a charming son, Lennox, in 2020. Let's learn more about Michael Bracewell's Career! 

Michael Bracewell: A Peek into His Cricket Life

Michael Bracewell, born on 14 February 1991, has made a mark in New Zealand cricket. Playing proudly for Wellington, he's not the only star in the Bracewell family. His uncles, Brendon and John Bracewell, shone in their Test cricket days. 

If we delve a bit deeper into the family tree, you'd find Doug Bracewell, a contemporary cricket sensation, and Melanie Bracewell, a talent in comedy. His early days? They were spent in Kavanagh College, located in Dunedin. March 2022 was a significant month for Michael; that's when he made his international debut with the New Zealand cricket team.

Bracewell's Unique Skills

Santner and Sodhi each bring something special to the table, but Bracewell? He's got this unique skill called drift. He honed it while bowling in Wellington's windy conditions. And guess what? It's not just a local trick. He showed it off big time in Karachi when he surprised Babar Azam with his drift, getting him out after just four runs in 13 balls.

More Than Just a Bowler

Michael Bracewell isn't just good with the ball; he's also a powerful batsman. Take, for instance, his game in Malahide against Ireland. He smashed an unbeaten 127 in just 82 balls. He shares, "When I'm batting, I have to be ready for anything – spin or speed. My goal? Keep my technique simple and adjust according to what's thrown at me."

Oh, and did you know? Michael Bracewell's not the only talented one in the family. His cousin Doug, who's touring India right now, might play for New Zealand soon.Michael Bracewell adds, "We didn't hang out much as kids, but playing on the same team now? That's special."

Bracewell is pumped for the ODI World Cup and says the upcoming games are key. "Playing in places like India is a big deal for us. We're excited to face them and improve as a team!" 

Lauren has been a steadfast support for Michael in his cricket career, a key factor many think has fueled his success. Michael Bracewell, a dynamite batsman who can also bowl off-spin, promises to be a huge asset for the New Zealand team for years to come.

Who is Michael Bracewell's wife? 
Michael Bracewell's wife is Lauren Ralston. They got married in June 2019.
Do Michael Bracewell and Lauren Ralston have any children? 
Yes, they have a son named Lennox, born in 2020.
When did Michael Bracewell make his international debut? 
Michael Bracewell made his international debut for the New Zealand cricket team in March 2022.