Mitchell Santner: Emulating Dhoni And Fleming - A Stern Test Of Leadership Skills

Mitchell Santner, the New Zealand batsman noted for his calm under pressure, draws inspiration from MS Dhoni and Stephen Fleming. As he prepares to lead New Zealand's T20I team in India, we examine Santner's leadership style, influenced by Dhoni and Fleming's calmness. This article examines Santner's calm leadership style and its effects on New Zealand cricket.

Mitchell Santner's leadership is distinguished by his calmness in tough cricketing situations. Whether facing a challenging chase, welcoming locals in traditional fashion, or bowling to power hitters on small boundaries, Santner remains calm. He is calm and confident like his gurus MS Dhoni and Stephen Fleming.

Santner's Leadership

Mitchell Santner led New Zealand's T20I team in India while Kane Williamson and Tim Southee rested before the home Test series against England. Santner, who captained New Zealand in eleven T20Is before this series, has a big chance.

Santner credits MS Dhoni and Stephen Fleming for shaping his leadership style. Santner admires Dhoni and Fleming's poise and level-headedness. Working alongside MS Dhoni at the Chennai Super Kings has taught Santner a lot. Dhoni also values returning to Ranchi, his hometown.

Santner's IPL Leadership Goal

Mitchell Santner IPL leadership’s interest camp was in 2022, according to Chennai Super Kings coach Stephen Fleming. This interest in leadership responsibilities shows Santner's desire to progress as a player and team leader.

T20 Captaincy Exposure

New Zealand head coach Gary Stead said Santner's T20 expertise made him a good captain. Santner has played in the IPL, CPL, and T20 Blast, which have varied conditions, surfaces, and venues. He plans to use his expertise as captain against India's IPL heroes.

Playing on varied surfaces and conditions is important to Mitchell Santner. He's learned a lot about adapting to different pitches in the IPL. This versatility and calmness should help him lead.

ODI and T20I Lessons

Mitchell Santner’s ODI lessons in the three-match T20I series in India was remarkable, even though it may not have the same backdrop as past T20 World Cups. He stresses that representing one's country is an honour and that T20 cricket's huge scores and aggressive hitting may help ODI cricket.

Promised glimpses

Mitchell Santner thinks New Zealand showed promise in a recent ODI series loss 3-0. The team hopes to carry these glimpses of large scores and aggressive hitting into the T20I series.

Luke Ronchi, the India tour's stand-in head coach, agrees with Santner on international cricket's value. He emphasises that New Zealand has a busy ODI schedule before the October-November ODI World Cup in India. The absence of key players like Williamson and Southee for the Pakistan tour allows peripheral players to be tested, ensuring World Cup preparedness.

Mitchell Santner's leadership style, influenced by MS Dhoni and Stephen Fleming, is calm and poised. Santner might head New Zealand's T20I team in India due to his T20 experience and willingness to adapt to varied situations. Santner and his team will play the T20Is with passion and determination as preparation for the ODI World Cup and as a way to represent their country.

What has Santner learned from T20 cricket's diverse surfaces and conditions?
T20 cricket requires adaptation to diverse surfaces and conditions, according to Mitchell Santner. His IPL experience has taught him versatility, which he hopes will help him lead.
How does Mitchell Santner see ODI lessons from T20 cricket?
Mitchell Santner thinks T20 cricket's high scores and aggressive hitting can help ODI cricket. Despite T20Is not having the same context as T20 World Cups, ODI cricket may learn from them.
Did Santner acknowledge New Zealand's ODI performance signs?
Mitchell Santner saw potential in their performance despite a 3-0 ODI series loss. The team hopes to carry its high scores and aggressive hitting into the T20I series.