Mohammed Shami Says He's Not Getting His Favourite Food Since He's In Gujarat

Cricketing Challenges: Mohammed Shami's Food Favourites Left Behind in Gujarat

Mohammed Shami is a name that is an irreplaceable part of the Indian Cricket team. Hailing from a small village in the UP district of India, Shami is a fast bowler whose father noticed a spark within him regarding cricket. He has been able to create several records, and his bowling stats are commendable. This cricket superstar is known to be the talk of the town, not just because of his cricket skills but also because of the fun things that he says on camera.

Complains About not Getting his Favourite Food 

After the win of the Gujrat Titans, Mohammed Shami said that he wouldn't be getting his favourite food anymore since he was in Gujrat. Nevertheless, he was enjoying the local cuisine a lot. In the Indian Premier League held in 2023, Gujrat Titans defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad and thus qualified for the playoffs. The star player of that match was Mohammed Shami.

Cricketers are usually known for following a strict diet. They usually do not eat anything and everything they are offered. They tend to stay fit and therefore have to follow a strict diet. Thus after a match of the Gujarat Titans with the Sunrisers Hyderabad, Mohammed Shami once jokingly said that he wouldn't be getting his favourite food since he was in Gujrat. He said this while in a conversation with Ravi Shastri after Gujrat Titan's win. 

The former head coach of the Indian Cricket team, who has recently turned into a commentator, asked Mohammed Shami what he eats, because of which he was looking even younger and fitter. To this question, Shami made such a hilarious reply because of which they, along with the viewers too, burst into laughter. 

Moreover, Shami also spoke about the improvement that was seen in his bowling strategies in the IPL 2023. In that match, Shami, along with Mohit Sharma, took a total of 4 wickets each. Shubham Gill scored his maiden IPL century, which further helped the team Gujarat Titans to win the match and secure their position.

For the second wicket, Shubham Gill, along with Sai Sudarshan, made a total of 147 runs. SRH failed to meet the target of 189 as set by Gujarat Titans. Even though Klaasen gave the Gujarat Titans a tough fight, they were not able to win. 

Post the match, Mohammed Shami engaged himself in a fun conversation with Ravi Shastri and said that he wasn't getting his favourite food in Gujarat. He made this remark when he was asked about his secret to such a healthy body. Later he remarked that he loved the Gujarati food anyway.

The Witty Shami

Indian Cricketers are usually known for their fun personalities and cheerfulness. Most of the cricketers in the Indian Cricket team make fun comments from time to time in front of the media. These comments even bring them to the limelight quite often. Mohammed Shami is one such player. His playful nature and habit of making fun comments have always put him in the limelight. He is always known to crack jokes and create a light mood with his co-players and even with the media. This one comment of his regarding Gujarati food is a fine example of it.

Shami is one of the brightest faces of the Indian Cricket team. He has already been able to win hearts with his amazing performance and skills. Also, his cheerful and fun personality is something that has helped him gain popularity among his fans and following. Mohammed Shami's comment regarding not getting to eat his favourite food in Gujarat after Gujrat Titan's win against Sunrisers Hyderabad sparked laughter among the common people, especially the followers of cricket. Comments like these are expected to make an otherwise tense game like cricket an interesting one.