My Bad Shots Were Put Down To Brain Explosions: Ross Taylor Opens Up On Racism Double Standards In His New Book

Ross Taylor, the cricketing master, is known to all for the outstanding performances that he portrayed for the New Zealand National Cricket team. Batting predominantly in the number 4 position he was the leading run scorer of New Zealand in Test and One-Day International Cricket. He was a right-handed batsman and had a bowling ability to bowl right arm off break. This middle-order batsman led the New Zealand National Cricket team as a captain and achieved wonders. This talented cricketer even wrote a book "Black & White" that entitled his autobiography.

Personal Life :

Ross Taylor's age is 39. Ross Taylor is a unique blend of diverse roots. He is the son of Neil Taylor, hailing from the serene town of Masterton, and Naoupu Lote-Taylor, a descendant of the vibrant Samoan lineage, born in the enchanting village of Saluafata on the captivating island of Upolu. Within his very being, he carries the weight of a hereditary Samoan language title, the illustrious "leaupepe," bestowed upon him by the venerable village of Fasito'o Uta. It is a title that transcends generations, binding him to the rich cultural tapestry of Samoan tradition.

His father's legacy led him to cricket, alongside the Samoan game "kilikiti." He studied at Wairarapa College and Palmerston North Boys High School, shifting from hockey to cricket. He wed Victoria in 2011, raising three kids. He symbolizes cultural fusion, family bonds, and an unexpected journey from Samoan kilikiti to international cricket. Ross Taylor's wife is Victoria Jayne Brown. To date, they have three children and are presently leading a happy and peaceful life.

Autobiography of Ross Taylor :

Ross Taylor recently published autobiography "Black & White", which was released in 2022, Ross Taylor has opened up about the racism he faced during his time as a member of the New Zealand Cricket Team. Despite being of Samoan heritage, Taylor revealed that he was subjected to derogatory comments by some of his fellow players and officials. This experience left him feeling disheartened and frustrated. Furthermore, he shared that during the 2011 Indian Premier League, he suffered physical assault when he was slapped by an owner of the Rajasthan Royals after getting dismissed for a duck. Such incidents highlight the need for greater awareness and sensitivity towards racism in sports and society as a whole. 

Ross Taylor on Racism :

Former New Zealand cricketer Ross Taylor, renowned for his cricketing achievements, has addressed the issue of racism within the country's cricket culture. In his book, "Ross Taylor : Black & White," he sheds light on the disparities in language when describing his performance, particularly poor shots, in comparison to players of different ethnic backgrounds. Taylor's wife, Victoria, who studied racism in the media, noted the unequal treatment in how his mistakes were labeled as "brain explosions" or "dumb cricket" while others received more forgiving descriptions.

Taylor also shared instances of racist banter he encountered in dressing rooms, revealing the challenges faced by multi-ethnic players. He highlighted the dilemma of addressing such comments, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the impact of seemingly harmless banter on targets and the responsibility of creating an inclusive and respectful environment.

Ross Taylor mentions that cricket in New Zealand is a white man's sport. For all his career he has been a brown face for which he had to face many challenges which would not be meaningful to all the other teammates. Yet if we look over Ross Taylor's statistics, one has to work very very hard to achieve what he has. Ross Taylor proved that talent and performance do highlight a man more than his language and terminology.

What was the memorable incident of 2010 in the match against Australia ?
Ross Taylor was the first New Zealand Player who scored a century on 81 balls. This is the most memorable incident of 2010 in the New Zealand vs. Australia match.
How many children did Ross have?
Ross Taylor has three children.
Did Ross have any other interest except for cricket?
Ross also played hockey before he started playing cricket.