Nicholas Pooran's Fascinating Journey: From Marrying Childhood Friend To Owning A BMW I8 - A Glimpse Into His Lavish Lifestyle

Nicholas Pooran, the young and rising star cricketer of the West Indies cricket team has been in talks for a long time. His professional and personal life always had the limelight and attracted millions of people worldwide. 

When he started his career Nicholas Pooran age was just 16 but now he is among the top players of the West Indies cricket team. Nicholas Pooran's lifestyle is no less than a dream for many people. He is living his dream life which is full of luxury and lavish things. People adore him for his love for his fans. 

We can agree that Nicholas Pooran age is just a number because he is doing what others can't do in their 30s. From marrying his childhood friend to living a happy life, Nicholas Pooran has everything that we desire in our life. All the fans of Nicholas Pooran always look for interesting facts and news about his personal and professional life. News and media also always capture Nicholas Pooran and his beautiful wife to print a headline. 

Who is Nicholas Pooran?

Nicholas Pooran is a young and rising star player of the West Indies Cricket Team. He was born on 2 Oct 1995 in Trinidad and Tobago. Nicholas Pooran cricket debut was at the age of 26, playing for Trinidad and Tobago. He is an inspiration for millions of people worldwide who want to make a career in cricket. The Nicholas Pooran century is the most awaited moment for all the fans in the stadium. 

After a short time, he met with a car accident which led him to have a serious torn patella tendon, fractured tibia, and fractured ankle. He started his career at an earlier age from under 19 world cup 2014. He was the highest scorer in the competition at that time. Nicholas Pooran ODI performances are amazing. He played in full form and amazed his fans. Along with this Nicholas Pooran century record is also amazing in ODI tournaments.

Nicholas Pooran's Wife

Nicholas Pooran married his childhood friend Katharina Miguel. Both have been together since childhood and got married on Monday, May 31. The beautiful couple Kathrina Miguel and Nicholas Pooran got engaged on 18 November 2020 when last year's IPL happened.

Luxury Things Owned by Nicholas Pooran

Being a young superstar cricket player Nicholas Pooran's lifestyle and car selection are way more lavish than we can think. A Nicholas Pooran ODI career is hit as the same his choice of super hit cars is also amazing. Let's take a look at his car collection here:

  • BMW i8 worth INR 2.8 Cr.
  • Hyundai Tucson worth INR 30 Lakh

Nicholas Pooran is also a brand ambassador and endorses some famous brands such as Nike, Puma, Under Armour, MyFitness peanut butter, and Powerade. He charges from INR 5-10 lakhs for each brand endorsement.

Nicholas Pooran's lavish lifestyle is the dream of many people and it also motivates others to do hard work to achieve such things. From owning a sporty BMW i8 to having big brand endorsements, Pooran is enjoying his life with his wife happily. The charm of Nicholas Pooran is enough to make you fall for him. 

Who is Nicholas Pooran?
Nicholas Pooran is a young cricket player who played for the West Indies cricket team.
What cars did Nicholas Pooran own?
Nicholas Pooran owned BMW i8 and Hyundai Tucson cars 
Who is Nicholas Pooran's Wife?
Kathrina Miguel is Nicholas Pooran's Wife.
When Nicholas Pooran Started his Career?
Nicholas Pooran Started his career when he was 16 years old.