Nitish Rana's Financial Ascent: Unveiling Net Worth, Salary, Brand Endorsements, Cars, And House

One of the biggest contributors to the Kolkata Knight Riders batting lineup has been Nitish Rana. The southpaw had participated in numerous pivotal games for the team and will do so again when he dons the KKR jersey for the upcoming Indian Premier League season. 

The 29-year-old cricketer represented Team India in his first-ever international match in 2021, but he was not given many opportunities to prove his talent. In an ODI match, the cricketer from Delhi scored seven runs. In this blog, we will talk about Nitish Rana's net worth, salary, brand endorsements, cars, and house.

Nitish Rana's Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Nitish Rana is around INR 40 crores. He has earned from sponsorship deals, the Indian Premier League and other matches. The Mumbai Indians purchased his services in the IPL auction in 2015 for INR 10 lakhs, which was around $200,00 at the time. They were able to acquire the 28-year-old batter as a result. 

Nitish Rana Salary 

The BCCI pays Nitish Rana a match salary of INR 2,40,000 lakhs. The Board of Control for Cricket in India pays the salaries of all professional players in India. Nitish Rana's match fee is INR 60,000, which means that the left-hander gets INR 2,40,000 lakhs for each Test match in the Ranji Trophy or Vijay Hazare. Rana receives INR 17,500 for each game he participates in for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

Nitish Rana IPL Salary

Nitish Rana's IPL pay in 2023 was INR 8 crores, and since 2015, he has earned almost INR 30 crores from participating in the IPL. During his IPL career, the left-handed has played for both the Mumbai Indians and the Kolkata Knight Riders. 

Nitish Rana made his IPL debut with Mumbai Indians in 2015 and held onto the team till 2017 for INR 10 lakhs. Moreover, in 2018, he was taken in by the Kolkata Knight Riders for INR 3.4 crores, and they paid him the same amount till 2021; the changes happened in 2022 when he was acquired by the Kolkata Knight Riders for INR 8 crores. 

Nitish Rana Brand Endorsements 

The Kolkata Knight players endorse a number of well-known brands and companies, which include Adidas, Coinswitch, a cryptocurrency trading platform, and Sareen Sports Industries. For the record, SS is India's most well-known supplier of sporting goods. 

Nitish Rana Car Collection

It goes without saying that he would own some high-end cars due to his net worth, fees, salary and endorsements. The cricketer is the proud owner of expensive vehicles, including Audis, Range Rover and Mercedes. 

Nitish Rana's House

Nitish Rana is a citizen of Delhi and owns a palatial home that his wife, Sacchi, customised and created in the year 2021. This property is thought to be worth roughly INR 3 crores. Nitish Rana's home is a shining example of elegance and comfort, and it reflects both Rana and Sacchi's tastes and preferences. 

Nitish Rana's growing wealth is a result of his talent, labour and devotion to cricket as a sport. Rana's journey from modest beginnings to billionaire cricketer inspires both ambitious athletes and the usual audience. 

As cricket fans, we not only respect Rana's prowess on the pitch but also rejoice in his monetary success. It serves as a reminder that anyone can realise their dreams, whether they are related to playing cricket or achieving financial objectives with talent, patience and astute financial planning.

Where is Nitish Rana from?
Nitish Rana is from Delhi and began his professional career in 2013 when he made his List A debut for Delhi against Assam in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. 
Which state does Nitish Rana play for?
Nitish Rana recently announced that he will play for Uttar Pradesh this domestic cricket season (2023–24), moving away from Delhi.