Pat Cummins Net Worth: Unraveling The Wealth Of Australia's Premier Fast Bowler

Cricket has become a fast-paced game. Back then, only test matches were popular. Also, only a few teams would participate in ODIs. However, the cricketing arena has undergone drastic changes in the last few decades. Today, you can see cricket matches almost every week. Also, hundreds of new players get added to the horizon. However, not all of them make a long-lasting career. 

On the flip side, some players leave their best impression in the minds of fans and experts. Pat Cummins is one such talented cricketer who has earned respect from all corners of the world. Let’s dive deeper to find out more about this popular player.

Pat Cummins: A Brief Background

The name is enough to describe it all. The most famous athlete in cricket to reach new heights in his career is none other than Pat Cummins. He has proved that if you have a dream and zeal to fulfil it, nothing can keep you from becoming a world-class player. Currently, Cummins is one of the best cricketers in the world. The most popular athlete and one of the highest-paid players likes to win every title and toils hard to reach his goal.

Patrick James Cummins is called Pat Cummins. Born on 8th May 1993 in Sydney, he is an Australian cricketer. Cummins is a right-arm fast bowler and a right-handed batsman. He is a prominent player in the Australian team. Plus, he bats well in times of need.  He made his first appearance in Test cricket when he was 18 years old.

Cummins marked his international debut in 2011 against South Africa. It was a 2-match T20 series where the bowler bagged 5 wickets in total. He made his Test and ODI debut in the same year. He only took 3 wickets in his first ODI but grabbed 7 wickets in his Test debut against South Africa.

Pat Cummins Net Worth

The net worth of Pat Cummins is estimated to be around 59 Million Australian Dollars (approximately 41 million US dollars). Cummins’ net worth has seen an increase of 170% over the last few years. His primary income is cricket. In addition to this, the brand value of Cummins is extremely high. He is also one of the most respected players across the globe.

Cummins also earns a big sum from various international as well as national cricket matches. He also makes a big chunk of money from the IPL. The bowler also endorses various brands which bags him a massive sum of money.

Pat Cummins Assets:

House: Pat Cummins lives in Westmead, Australia. He purchased this luxury house and renovated it with various modern amenities. The value of this property is approximately 20 Crores INR. He also owns many other real estate properties in different countries.

Cars: The Car collection of Cummins is above average. He owns some of the best luxury vehicles in the world. His car brands include Audi and other prestigious models.

Dependency of Pat Cummins Net Worth:

A lot of earnings of any sports person depends on the fan following and winning performance. Pat Cummins is one of the most bankable and popular sportspeople in Australia, India, and other countries. Plus, he has invested in numerous real-estate properties. So, we can be very positive that the net worth of Cummins will keep increasing over the years.

Pat Cummins stats keep getting better with time. He has proved his real worth to the cricketing world in all three formats of the game. Let’s see how Pat Cummins performs in the upcoming World Cup.

Who is the role model of Pat Cummins?
The bowler is a fan of veteran Australian pacer Brett Lee.
What is the name of Cummins’ wife?
The cricketer married Becky Boston.
When did Cummins make his List A career debut?
The bowler made his List A career debut in 2010.