Paul Stirling: I Remember Thinking, "That's The Pinnacle Of The Game And Stokes Has Achieved It

I don't normally feel goosebumps when watching or playing cricket, but I did during Ben Stokes's knock that tied the 2019 Ashes series. 

Since we had played with England earlier in the summer, I was probably paying more attention to the Ashes than usual. Paul Stirling, the fantastic batsman, was surprised to see Ben Stokes's performance. Both of them are great players and support their team in every situation.

Paul Stirling reflected, "That's the game's peak, and Stokes has reached it."

When I was younger, I used to like watching the Australians play. Christmas was one of the few times of year I was permitted to stay up late to watch, and I vividly recall staying up for at least one episode and, often, more. By the end of it, Ricky Ponting was on 150 and not out.

I attended a BBQ at a friend's house that afternoon in London. We weren't paying much attention because we all thought the game was over before we got back to work for Middlesex after a few days off. We had just finished eating our burgers and beers outside and turned it on inside. Early in his innings, we heard some cheers from the crowd after he hit a couple of boundaries, and we thought, "This can't still be on?"

It takes a lot to give me the chills, but all those sixes got my blood pumping, whether just clearing the fence or flying off into the distance. Like any of them, if he missed that one reverse sweep, it was game over, but he couldn't get the ball to leave the sweet spot of his bat. Then there was Nathan Lyon, who failed to run out Jack Leach; such moments are unique to the Ashes.

My faith in "the zone" is unwavering. When you enter that zone, you forget about the passage of time. The tricky part is knowing when to turn it on and off during the dead ball period and then being in the right place between the bowler's run-up and your stroke. You are in another universe when you go there.

There is no question that Ben Stokes was on fire that inning. His enthusiasm beamed out of his eyes. It seemed like nothing would come from the sides or the back. In a word, it was amazing.

The slow-motion video of him making the winning cut shot while the crowd went wild behind him was riveting. And I thought, "Right, that's got to be the pinnacle of the game, and he's just achieved it." That's something I wish I'd done. 

Paul Stirling’s way of Playing Cricket

Paul Stirling is a well-known member of his cricket squad, where he plays as a right-handed batting all-rounder who also bowls a right-arm off-break.

Facts You May Not Know About Paul Stirling
  • Paul Stirling is a well-known, aggressive Irish batter who is recognised for batting fiercely for his team. 
  • Paul's father, Brian, and brother, Richard Brian Stirling, are all Irish cricket players; therefore, he comes from a family that is closely associated with sports.
  • He has played a superb innings, scoring 177 runs off of 134 balls with the help of 21 fours and 5 sixes, becoming Ireland's all-time ODI run scorer.

Is Paul Stirling a good batsman?
Paul Stirling has been heralded for quite some time as an exceptional cricketer in Ireland and beyond. Before he was 23, he had scored two centuries in one-day internationals (ODIs) against Pakistan. Stirling has been compared to Jesse Ryder due to his naturally cocky, belligerent demeanour and stocky stature.
What county does Paul Stirling play for?
Paul's fans in Middlesex appreciate the full package he provides as he continues to shine in both the longer and shorter formats for the team. He also played club cricket for Cliftonville.
How old is Paul Stirling?
Born on 30th December 1990, Paul Stirling’s age is now 33 years.