Popularly Known As Mr. Dependable Of Indian Cricket's Family

 Oh, Mr. Cool! Oh, the wall! Do those words ring a bell? Probably yes! Those words echo with the legendary batsman, Rahul Dravid. Although cricket has undergone various changes in the last couple of decades from a test-dominated era to a T20 stage, people still remember the heroes of yesteryears. Rahul is one such name that has been imprinted in the minds of every cricket lover. While the batsman hasn’t played too many T20 matches, he’s more popular than most famous players of this modern era.

Why Was Rahul Dravid Called the Wall?

Rahul was nicknamed the wall because of his ability to stand tall amid tough situations. He was the only player to stand rock solid for a long time in test cricket. While Sachin and Sourav were other classic batsmen, Rahul was the one who could stand up the whole day.

Rahul Dravid records show that he carried the best defensive techniques. His ability to bat through difficult situations was impeccable. There have been many instances when he tired bowlers for a long time. In a test match where India lost to South Africa making only 72 runs, Rahul Dravid stood rock solid till the end. He remained not out on 27 on a bowling pitch where other batsmen failed and got out easily.

Why Was Rahul Dravid Called Mr. Dependable?

Besides being called the Great Wall of India, Rahul was also termed Mr. Dependable. Why? He would make runs without losing his temper and wicket on any pitch amid any climate. Many veteran bowlers applauded Rahul Dravid for his defence. Wasim Akram, the great swinger of the ball once said that getting Rahul’s wicket in test cricket is the hardest thing a bowler can do. He also added that breaching Rahul’s defence and getting him bowled out was even more difficult.

Pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar said that preparing for Rahul was the most difficult part of his bowling tenure. According to him, Rahul Dravid was comparable to Mohammed Ali, the greatest boxing champion. Like Ali, Rahul would first tire bowlers. Then he would knock them out with his cover drives and other shots.

In his first England tour, Rahul Dravid played fantastic innings, helping the team put up a formidable score. He would get deadly on batting pitches. Bowlers would have to shed sweat against Rahul Dravid, but the batsman would never get out. Many bowlers would target other batsmen in test cricket and leave aside Rahul stating that it’s a waste of time to invest your energy in getting The Wall out.

Why Was Rahul Dravid Called Mr. Cool?

Most cricketers lose their temper at some point in time. Wrong decisions by umpires or sledging by bowlers would force the batsman to get angry. However, Rahul Dravid was one player who never lost his temper. Many cricketers would advocate for Rahul’s friendship. Brett Lee, the Australian fast bowler once said that if you can’t befriend Rahul, you’re struggling in your life. Other fast bowlers and captains reiterated the same thing. His co-players in the Indian team were his close friends. The truth is Rahul never had any quarrel or anything similar throughout his cricketing career.

Rahul Dravid stats are as impressive as his temper and friendly nature. Although the batsman has retired from all forms of cricket, he is still remembered for his fantastic innings and stylish play. Currently, Rahul Dravid is coaching India and passing on his traits of patience and resilience to emerging talents. It would be great to see his sons in the arena soon.

Who is the wife of Rahul Dravid?
His wife’s name is Vijetha Pendharkar. She sacrificed her career to look after their sons and the family.
Who is Rahul’s favourite hero?
He is a big fan of Aamir Khan because he loves Aamir’s choice of variety in films.
What is the highest score of Rahul Dravid in ODI?
His highest ODI score is 153 that he made against New Zealand in 1999.