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Indian international cricketer Prasiddha Krishna is competing for the Indian cricket team. Apart from that, he represents Rajasthan Royals in Indian Premier League and Karnataka in domestic cricket. He is a fast right-handed bowler who regularly bowls at speeds greater than 145kph.

Early Life and Education

The beginning of Prasidh Krishna's story takes place in the centre of Bangalore, where he was raised by his devoted parents. Throughout his journey, his mother Kalavathi Krishna and father Murali Krishna gave unwavering support and encouragement.

Prakruthi Krishna is the name of Prasidh's other sister. His academic foundation was established at Carmel School in Padmanabhanagar, Bengaluru, and he later attended Mahaveer Jain College to complete his B.COM degree.

The Genesis of a Cricketing Journey

At a young age, Prasidh Krishna became passionate about cricket. When he made his Karnataka first-class cricket debut against Bangladesh A in September 2015, it was a testament to his dedication and hard work. A promising career that would go on to achieve greatness had just begun. From that moment on, Prasidh started a journey full of obstacles and triumphs, always inspired by his passion for the game.

The International Debut

On March 23, 2021, Prasidh Krishna had his debut in One Day International (ODI) cricket against England. This significant event in his career demonstrated his dedication and hard work. He has participated in seven ODI games since then, taking 18 wickets and adding 2 runs. Prasidh Krishna’s debut wasn't just important for him but also a source of pride for our whole country.

The Glittering IPL Path

Back in 2018, Prasidh Krishna began his IPL career with the Kolkata Knight Riders, where he earned a respectable 20 lakh rupees. But as he kept performing exceptionally well, the team scouts noticed his talent.

Then, in 2022, something amazing happened. The Rajasthan Royals decided to purchase Prasidh for a huge amount of 10 crores during the IPL auction. 

Glory in Domestic Cricket

Prasidh Krishna displayed his amazing talent and strong dedication in domestic cricket matches. In the tough world of First-class cricket, he took an impressive 49 wickets and played in 11 matches. He even scored 62 runs, showing he's not just a bowler but a reliable all-rounder.

In the fast-paced Twenty20 cricket, he took a remarkable 102 wickets in 68 games and scored 10 runs. In List A cricket, he continued to shine with 30 runs in 57 matches. These outstanding stats clearly highlight his talent and potential as a cricketer.

Net Worth and Earnings

Cricket is Prasidh Krishna's main source of income; he earns money from match fees and IPL contracts. He is a fast right-arm bowler.

Prasidh Krishna, an international cricketer for India, has a net worth of Rs. 12.91 crores ($1.66 million), a 400% increase from last year.

The estimated yearly salary of Prasidh, which takes into account his match fees, prize money, and some income from brand endorsements, is between Rs. 10.86 crore and Rs. 11.05 crore.

Prasidh Krishna, a bright talent in India's cricket world, has reached great heights thanks to his dedication and effort. Originally from Bangalore, he's now a well-known name in both Indian and global cricket. His earnings have reached an impressive 12.91 crores. His consistent performances in the IPL and international games are likely to motivate and encourage young cricketers.

What is Prasidh Krishna's salary?
Prasidh Krishna receives a yearly salary between Rs. 10.86 and Rs. 11.05 crores.
How much does Prasidh Krishna price in the IPL?
For INR 10 crore, Rajasthan Royals purchased Prasidh Krishna.
What is Prasidh Krishna's net worth?
Prasidh Krishna has a $1.66 million net worth.
What is Prasidh Krishna's age?
The age of Prasidh Krishna is 27.
What is Prasidh Krishna's height?
Prasidh Krishna is 1.88 metres (6 feet 2 inches) tall.