Prithvi Shaw: The Boy Who Overcame Troubled Times To Become A Talented Batsman

Tough times don't last but tough people do. The proverb holds in the case of those who overcome difficulties and excel in their fields. Prithvi Shaw is a name that lives up to this popular proverb. While the batsman continues to rock the cricketing arena, very few people know the hardships he endured to stand tall and come up with flying colours. Let’s figure out the difficulties this right-handed batsman faced during his life.

Prithvi Shaw News

Although cricketing buzz keeps coming, people are also interested in knowing facts about their favourite players. Prithvi Shaw isn’t an exception here. The batsman lost his mother when he was just 4 years old. Anyone can understand the trauma the boy might have faced with the loss of his mother. When you just learn how to walk and talk, you can’t expect your mentor (mother) to get lost. It did come up as a big surprise and shock for the young boy.

However, his father helped him overcome the grief. He played the role of a father and a mother for Prithvi Shaw. Very few men can match these traits, and Prithvi’s father lived up to this point. Not just that, Pankaj Shaw helped Prithvi become a fantastic batsman. Prithvi also reciprocated by living up to the dream of his father.

He excelled in the field despite losing a finger at the age of 6. Playing with 9 fingers on a cricketing field is something that you can’t imagine. However, this young boy continued his journey of becoming a fantastic batsman.  Occasional injuries would mount trouble for Prithvi Shaw. Yet, he would face those injuries with a smile. The batsman is ever-ready to take up new challenges on the field. We have often seen him taking the bull by the horns – playing an aggressive inning under pressure.

Prithvi Shaw Records

The batsman came to the limelight when he led the under-19 team in the World Cup in 2018. His wonderful performance and captaincy played a key role in winning the World Cup. Since then, the media and experts have been talking about this emerging cricketer.

Prithvi Shaw plays for Mumbai in domestic cricket. He scored a hundred in his debut match at the Duleep Trophy. Only Sachin Tendulkar has hit a ton in a debut match at the Duleep Trophy and Ranji Trophy. Since Prithvi plays aggressively, he was quickly picked up for the Indian Premier League. Currently, he plays for Delhi Capitals and has moved the audience at times with his stunning batting.

The batsman hasn’t played too many tests and ODIs. However, his performances at the IPL have rocked the cricketing horizon. Prithvi Shaw has played 71 innings amassing 1,694 runs. His highest score stands at 99. The best part of his IPL career is he has a staggering strike rate of 145.80, and that sets him apart even in a crowded cricketing arena. With 13 fifties to his name, Prithvi continues to play aggressively in all three formats of the game. His cover drives and straight shots are often compared with Sachin’s shots. Experts believe that the batsman is suited for tests as well as ODIs.

Prithvi Shaw’s statistics may not be as impressive in international cricket as they stand in domestic cricket and IPL seasons. The cricketer has a long way to go. Still, experts think that Prithvi Shaw has the potential to craft various records in batting. Let’s wait and watch how this young cricketer overcomes the challenges as he did throughout his life.

Which team does Prithvi Shaw play for?
This right-handed batsman is a member of Mumbai in domestic cricket. He bats for Delhi Capitals in the IPL.
What is Prithvi’s favourite food?
The batsman is fond of a wide variety of food. However, his favourite dish is Anda Ghotala – an egg recipe.
Who is Prithvi’s favourite cricketer?
Prithvi Shaw is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar – the batting master.