Prithvi Shaw: Unraveling The Life Story In 20 Fascinating Facts

The cricketing horizon keeps expanding with time. The introduction of the Indian Premier League has revolutionised the game to a large extent. Each year, hundreds of new players mark their appearances along with existing ones. Some participants disappear after a dismal show, whereas others get retained due to their form and class. Prithvi Shaw is one such name that has garnered support from experts and fans alike. Many veterans also compare him with Sachin Tendulkar – the finest batsman in cricketing history. Let’s delve into Prithvi’s life briefly!

Prithvi Shaw News: 20 Interesting Facts
  •  Prithvi’s birth name is Prithvi Gupta and his nickname is Prithvi missile. His actual name is Prithvi Pankaj Shaw.
  •  Prithvi Shaw was born in Virar, Mumbai on 9th November 1999. He’s a right-handed batsman and an off-spin bowler.
  •  The young cricketer would travel 90 minutes every day to practise at the middle-income group (MIG) Bandra.
  • Although born in Mumbai, Prithvi Shaw has his ancestral roots in Gaya, Bihar. He lost his mother when he was just 4 years old.
  • Former left-arm spinner Nilesh Kulkarni identified the cricketing skills of the emerging cricketer. Prithvi was only 11 at that time, but Kulkarni’s sports management company snapped the batsman for a yearly stipend of 3 lakhs INR.
  • Prithvi received a sponsorship at the tender age of 11. He along with his father migrated to the heart of Mumbai city when AAP Entertainment offered a sponsorship to continue his training.
  • Prithvi Shaw's Test debut was on October 4, 2018, against the West Indies at the Rajkot stadium.
  • The star cricketer was a central character in a documentary (2013) titled beyond all boundaries.
  • Prithvi Shaw travelled twice to England to hone his cricketing abilities. His trips paid off in terms of the improved batting skills that we see today.
  • Prithvi smashed 546 runs from just 330 balls for Rizvi Springfield in a Harris Shield match.
  • The batsman attributes his batting success to his coach Santosh Pingulkar. Rahul Dravid is his mentor.
  • Everyone remembers Sachin’s jersey numbers 10 and 99. Prithvi is also obsessed with his jersey number 100.
  • Prithvi Shaw has captained Rizvi Springfield to Harris Shield two times in 2012 and 2013.  
  • Very few people know that Prithvi lost his finger in an injury at the age of 6. He plays with 9 fingers only.
  • The young cricketer played for the Cleethorpes in the Yorkshire county premier league in 2014.
  • Prithvi Shaw made his first-class debut playing for Mumbai in Ranji Trophy 2016/17 against Tamil Nadu. He scored a century in the second innings that bagged him the Man of the Match award.
  • Prithvi shares a unique record with Sachin Tendulkar for scoring a century in a debut match in the Duleep Trophy.
  • Prithvi was the captain of the under-19 team that won the World Cup in 2018.
  • He is the youngest cricketer to open the batting in the Indian Premier League. The cricketer opened for Delhi Daredevils and smashed some memorable innings during the season.
  • Prithvi Shaw is the youngest cricketer in India to score a fifty on his test debut. He is also the first Indian to score a century on debut in the Duleep Trophy, Ranji Trophy, and tests.

Prithvi Shaw stats may not be as good as Sachin Tendulkar’s because the batsman has a long way to cover in his career. However, his batting abilities have earned him a special slot in the game. Most experts consider him the next Sachin for India. Let’s see how true their anticipation about this aggressive cricket holds.

Who is a close friend of Prithvi Shaw?
He is close to a TV actress, Prachi Singh.
Which sport does Prithvi play besides cricket?
The cricketer is fond of billiard sets.
What is Prithvi’s favourite food?
He loves to cherish Anda Ghotala more than any other dish.