RAHUL SHARMA Net Worth, Salary, Franchise Fee And Brand Endorsements

With all the glitz and glamour, the life of cricketers we see on television and social media creates curiosity about the net worth of our favourite players. These players are not just Indian cricket players but also influencers. The impact they have given them tons of brand endorsements as people love to buy their favourite cricketer-endorsed products. Rahul Sharma's massive popularity after his spectacular performance in the Ranji trophy in 2006-07 showered him with many brand endorsements and heavy pockets.

Rahul Sharma's Net Worth 

Rahul Sharma is a prominent and wealthy cricketer who was born on November 30, 1986, in Jalandhar, India. Rahul Sharma’s net worth is expected to be $5 million as of September 1, 2023.

Rahul Sharma Salary

Despite playing only six matches, this brilliant player has left an imprint that will be remembered for the next six generations. The fame gathered from these matches made him one of the most desirable Indian cricket players and also upgraded his paychecks. In IPL 2010, Rahul Sharma was auctioned for ₹8,000,00 and played for Deccan Chargers. Rahul Sharma's salary is estimated to be ₹3,000,000 (2015), and his total IPL income is anticipated to be around ₹28,800,000.

Rahul Sharma's Brand Endorsements 

Rahul Sharma played for the prestigious Indian cricket team and has endorsed many brands on his Jersey. During his matches, he wore big brand names like Finolex, Nissan, Nike, Adidas, TVS, Sansui, and many more on his jersey.

Rahul Sharma has 47K followers on his Instagram and posts about his live event on his Instagram page. Rahul Sharma also worked as a Punjabi commentator on the Jio Cinema app for the recent IPL 2023.

After so many hardships, controversies, and retirement from international cricket, Rahul Sharma's journey as a cricketer was a complete roller coaster ride. He has seen immense success in his cricket career and now has started a new journey as a cricket commentator. Rahul Sharma's net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Currently, he also works as a cricket coach in Jalandhar, and Rahul Sharma's latest news was the talk of the town when he married Madhubani’s daughter, Shikha Jha. 


Who is Rahul Sharma's wife?
Rahul Sharma's wife is Shikha Jha. She is from Madhubani district of Bihar. Rahul Sharma posted a picture of their wedding on his Instagram page. The couple loves to travel and keep their fans updated with their beautiful pictures together on Rahul Sharma's Instagram page. 
Is Rahul Sharma planning a comeback after his drug use case?
Rahul Sharma has said he always had the self-belief to overcome the drug scandal that threatened to derail his career and prove he has plenty to offer with his bowling skills. He said he is pleased to return with good performances after the IPL in 2012," Rahul said: "It was a tough phase for him. But he believed that he could come out of it quickly and do well.”
Did Rahul Sharma play for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL?
In 2015, Rahul Sharma was part of the Chennai Super Kings in IPL8. Chennai Super Kings bought him in the ipl8 auction. He was auctioned for ₹3,000,000 in the IPL 2015. The maximum amount on which Rahul Sharma was auctioned in IPL was in 2014 for DelhiDaredevils for ₹19,000,000.