Rashid Khan Became New Captain Of Afghanistan Team

Cricket is quickly becoming the most popular game in the world. As a result, new teams from Europe and other parts of the world get added to this ever-expanding horizon. Although Afghanistan isn’t a new addition, its recent performances have drawn the attention of cricket experts and fans across the world. The team has qualified for all three formats of the game. However, Afghanistan has to prove a lot to thrive and consistently outsmart its competitors. In their zeal to excel in the arena, the team selectors appointed Rashid Khan as the new captain. Let's delve deeper and find out more about this hot topic.

Rashid Khan News: The New Afghanistan Captain

After a dismal show in the 2019 World Cup, the Afghanistan cricket board took big action and axed Gulbuddin Nabi from the team’s captaincy. Rashid Khan, the leg spinner and all-rounder, became the new captain as a result. However, his tenure will last for only 3 months (for now) in all three formats of the game. Asgar Afghan has been made vice captain of the team too. Rashid was named the T20 captain even before the World Cup. However, he has now been appointed the team’s captain for T20, ODI, and test matches.

Rashid Khan Records: The Youngest Captain

Rashid was promoted to the role of captain for the T20 game before the 2019 World Cup. Although his performance was not up to par, the then-captain Gulbuddin defended Rashid Khan, saying that he gave his 100 percent. Rashid has always proven his worth in all three formats. He has shocked the world by picking up 100 wickets in only 44 ODIs.

It was his fantastic bowling and quick-hitting in the final overs that earned him a special place in the cricket world. Moved by his fantastic performance, the Afghanistan cricket board made him the 20-20 captain at the age of 19 against Scotland in the year 2018. His captaincy imprints a new record on his name: the youngest player to become a team captain.

Why did Rashid Khan become the Captain of All Three Formats?

The 2019 ODI World Cup captain, Gulbuddin, failed to improve the team’s performance at the mega tournament. Also, the board didn't have much choice. On top of that, Rashid Khan possesses the skills to motivate the team to work together for better performance. In addition to this, Rashid has proven to be a game-changer in many matches. He has surprised even the strongest opponents with his wonderful leg spin bowling.

His bowling has a wide variety. Googly, slow delivery, flight, and flipper are some of the varieties that deceive any top-class batsman in the world. Plus, Rashid Khan has proved his worth with his bat. His quick knocks in the ODI and T20 matches are the highlights of his career. Many emerging players consider him an idol. All these points work in favor of Rashid.

Rashid Khan is the hot player on the Afghanistan cricket team. He often surprises other teams with his bowling and batting, especially in the short format of the game. His promotion to captaincy in all three formats can prove to be a boost to the team. Let's wait and watch how far Rashid takes his team in the coming years.

Is Rashid Khan the most popular cricketer in Afghanistan?
Yes! He is highly popular not only in Afghanistan but also among other cricket fans all over the world.
What makes Rashid stand out in the crowded cricket world? 
His bowling variety is the name of the game. Additionally, Rashid has shown amazing performances with his bat occasionally. Also, he’s a top-class fielder and has demonstrated fantastic fielding in almost all matches.
Will Afghanistan thrive under the captaincy of Rashid Khan?
It’d be too early to comment now. However, Rashid certainly possesses great leadership skills. So, everyone expects that the team’s performance will improve in the game.