Rassie Van Der Dussen's ODI Numbers Are Astonishing, But What Comes Next Will Define Him - A Closer Look At The Batsman's Future

Today, whenever you discuss South African cricket, Rassie Van Der Dussen will unquestionably fly under the radar. The situation holds in the case of ODIs where this emerging talent has proved his worth in the last 4 years. Although the young batsman has a long way to go in mega tournaments, experts compare him to AB De Villiers and Hashim Amla. Let’s figure out what makes the cricket fraternity pour heaps of praise on this young cricketer.

Rassie Van Der Dussen News

Rassie’s records are as blazing as his style. Most experts believe that the South African batsman has the potency to break most of the cricketing records. Rassie Van Der Dussen might even become a key to South Africa’s success in test cricket. While it may be earlier to say so, his cool mind and consistent batting ensure he bags a cap in test matches too.

As things stand, this right-handed batsman has amassed 1,744 runs with a staggering average of 60.6 in 39 innings in ODIs. Such an average from a new batsman is astonishing. The beauty of Rassie’s batting lies in his fearless stroke play against any opponents. His masterpiece innings and stunning numbers weren’t boosted by amassing runs against weaker attacks. Rassie Van Der Dussen has thrived against stronger sides.

He has hit all 4 centuries against teams with strong bowling sides – India, New Zealand, Australia, and England. Each of these teams has a well-lined-up pace battery in ODI matches. Also, these four teams often make their way to the semis in ODI World Cups. Even experts think that those four teams might be probable semi-finalists for the upcoming 2023 ODI World Cup. In such a situation, Rassie’s blazing knocks against strong bowling give him an edge and set him apart from other new players. 

Rassie Van Der Dussen has all shots against any bowler. His fearless play and consistency are something that anyone would love to cherish. Many experts think that he can lead the Proteas to the semis with support and help from other batters. His staggering strike rate of 89.7 is equally impressive and backs the class of this next big superstar.

Many master batsmen hardly scored more than 3 tons in ODIs throughout their career. Rassie’s 4 centuries keep him in the spotlight. Plus, his evergreen form and average come as a boost for the player and his side. His in-depth understanding of the wicket and adjustment to the playing conditions make him even more deadly.

Rassie Van Der Dussen: The Highlight of His ODI Batting

His risk-free batting style helps him amass runs in different situations. The batsman prioritises singles and doubles at the start of his innings. Rassie Van Der Dussen goes after the ball only if he spots a weaker delivery. Once he finds his grace, the batter goes against each delivery to score as many runs as possible for his side. Above all, he can play any stroke in the cricket book, which allows him to catch up quickly even after a slow start.

Often South Africa's performances in mega tournaments have ended up in dramas. However, Rassie Van Der Dussen stays undramatic as they come. He’s at the heart of the side and the opponent teams have a reason to fear when he plays. With time, he could step into the limelight just like AB De Villiers and other popular South Africans.

Rassie Van Der Dussen records in the last 4 years speak about the potential of this young cricketer. His big ODI average also endorses this fact. On top of that, his surprising knocks in the limited-overs tournament sing praises for him. For these reasons, most veterans consider Rassie Van Der Dussen the next run machine for South Africa. Let’s wait and see how true their anticipation holds in the coming years.

Will Rassie lead South Africa to success in the 2023 World Cup?
Many experts think that the batsman, with support from co-players, can be a key to South African success in the upcoming ODI event.
What sports does Rassie love besides cricket?
He is a big fan of football.
What is the playing style of Rassie Van Der Dussen?
Risk-free and natural shorts are the highlight of his batting.