Ravi Jadeja: The Gary Sobers Of The 21st Century

Ravindra Jadeja has been an integral part of the Indian Cricket team for many years now. Moreover, he holds the ability to play cricket matches in all three formats. Jadeja represents the team of Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League and has also been appointed as the captain of the team recently.

The 21st Century Gary Sobers

It has always been a proven fact that Indians like to talk more about cricketers than the sport itself. It even gets intensified whenever the name Garfield St. Auburn Sobers comes up. He is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the cricket industry. Regarded as a magician, he could do anything, for that matter, on the cricket field. No one comes close to him or the talent that he is the master of. Even though we never saw him play live, we mostly talked about him. Well, we might not have seen Gary Sobers play live, but Ravindra Jadeja is definitely the Gary Sobers who belongs to the 21st century.

Most people might disagree with this now, but it's not too late when that day will finally come. Ravindra Jadeja and the talent that he holds will definitely be seen by the world once he retires. It's true that, unlike Sobers, Jadeja is not a fast-medium pacer, and he didn't get to open the innings like Sobers. A great close infielder and outfielder, Jadeja is definitely an icon of cricket. Ravindra Jadeja is undoubtedly one of the best all-rounders today. Also, Jadeja might not ever get a chance to be the captain of the team, and he might retire even before Virat. He also needs to improve his body and maintain his fitness. He must also try to protect himself from injuries, like Gary Sobers.

Jadeja surely matches the versatility of Gary Sobers. A player's versatility today is judged by his ability to play in all kinds of formats that too at the highest level. Sobers, on the other hand, was versatile within the only format of the highest level of the time. But that's not the case with Jadeja. The cricket journey does not seem an easy one for Jadeja. He had various troubles with the IPL rules, but thankfully he came out of those. His position in the Indian Cricket team was never a finalised one.

The Records Created 

Ravindra Jadeja’s stats are also quite extraordinary. He made 3 triple centuries which is regarded as "A Ranji Record". But sadly, these records created by the star go unnoticed. Virat Kohli, too didn't notice this amazing achievement of Jadeja. As a result of this, Ravichandran Ashwin was placed ahead of Jadeja in the batting order in test matches. Not even many journalists bother to point things like these out. But they should have been aware. A modern and ambitious cricketer, Jadeja has a lot to give to the country yet, but nonetheless, his contributions to date also shouldn't go unrecognised. There have also been many instances wherein Jadeja was solely the reason for the team's victory in various matches.  

One of the bright faces of the Indian Cricket team, Ravindra Jadeja, has been the star of the matches that he has been a part of. Even though his skills and achievements have gone unnoticed most of the time, they are worth the praise. Ravindra Jadeja's stats show what this cricketer has been able to create for the country is wonderful and mesmerising. There are very few cricketers who are compared to some of the icons in the cricket arena, and Jadeja is one of them. He is the 21st century Gary Sobers who is a rising star of the Indian Cricket team, and it is expected that he will continue to make team India proud, even in the near future.