RCB's Glenn Maxwell Flies Childhood Friends To Give Them 'Indian' Experience

Glenn Maxwell has become a prominent player on the Australian cricket team. He has consistently contributed and brought pride to his country. Maxwell was also a part of the 2014 season of the Indian Premier League and the ICC World Twenty20. Glenn Maxwell’s stats show that he is a dedicated player.  He is an essential asset to the Australian team due to his ability to hit big shots and boundaries in the field. He has also played for the Indian Premier League franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The All-Rounder and a Great Buddy

Glenn Maxwell is a fantastic cricket player, a superb team player, and an excellent partner. Now that people are seeing a side of Maxwell that they have rarely seen before, he is also a great buddy. To give them a taste of RCB and Indian life in general, the Royal Challengers Bangalore all-rounder brought four of his boyhood friends from Australia. Among them, Aaron Daniels is an electrician, Brendon Walsh and Nathan Walsh are teachers, and Anthony Davies is a mechanical plumber. The four professionals stayed in Bengaluru and experienced the unrivalled cricketing atmosphere that the RCB as a club has to offer. Their relationship with Maxwell dates back more than 20 years. 

"Glenn was an amazing player even at such a young age; he is an incredible talent, " my friend and I recalled while watching his match, “while playing some junior representative cricket when we were hardly 10 or 12 years old. We bonded early on through his enthusiasm and upbeat attitude, which I loved. My younger brother Nathan inevitably joined the group,” said Maxwell. 

Brendon Walsh, a childhood friend of Maxwell's, recalled, "From the age of 15 to 16, this cricket group has been buddies for life. Anthony, Aaron, and I all attended high school together, and thanks to my connection, they also met Glenn. 

The deeper motivation for Maxwell's decision to fly in his Australian teammates is as follows: 

"I can only tell these guys so much about what playing cricket in India is like. However, seeing it for themselves firsthand will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience for them.”

But then best friends will always have some unknown secrets to spill. Hear this one about Maxwell. One of his friends revealed that "Maxwell loves his golf, but this one shot scares the most out of him the 16-meter chip shot. It was not a proper full swing, it was a half-swing shot, and he needed to go ahead with delicate hands. And I haven’t seen his knees wobble like that before," said Walsh. Maxwell and his friends share a good bond. They have consistently supported each other since their friendship started. 

Glenn Maxwell Making Unusual Shots Look Easy

Glenn Maxwell has dominated the limited-overs forms as one of the fastest scorers in all of cricket. Glenn Maxwell’s stats are quite impressive. Setting fields to cover all of his scoring zones is challenging due to his talent for making unusual shots—like reverse sweeps and pulls, for instance—appear commonplace. Maxwell can both excite and disappoint with his arrogance, but at his best, he has the power to change the course of a game drastically. Maxwell, a capable offspinner and superb fielder, provides an impressive package in one-day and T20 cricket when things go well. 

In 2015, Maxwell had a tremendous performance in the World Cup and contributed to Australia's win. In the six innings he batted, he scored three fifty-plus scores, including a century that broke the record. His general rate of scoring was what made his knocks so significant. Maxwell proved to be a fantastic asset with his helpful off-spin and exceptional fielding skills. In the past four years, he has gone through many changes, including ups and downs in his international career.